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As an Independent Consultant for NYR Organic (the direct selling company of Neal’s Yard Remedies) I have the wonderful opportunity of sampling some of their gorgeous organic skincare products pretty much everyday as I build up my kit.

This weekend was the annual Spring Conference and it was the first conference that I’ve attended and I was amazed and inspire. Not only did it see the release of our new brochure and new products specially for therapists but also two new greatly anticipated products in the form of Body Butters. We also had the pleasure of hearing a speech by Peter Kindersley, the owner of NYR, as well as stories about where the ingredients that go into NYR products come from such as Frankincense and Tea-Tree.

Our new brochure!

These body butters are 85% organic and are silky soft, deeply nourishing and are easily absorbed into the skin. They are packed full of shea nut oil, essential fatty acids and Vitamins A, and E. They also include cocoa seed butter and organic sunflower seed to form a protective layer over the skin to keep it moisturised and finally, sodium hyaluronate. Sodium hyaluronate is actually something that is in every cell of the body that takes in 1000 times its own weight in moisture so by providing it in our skincare, it is going to give our skin a moisture surge that will keep elastin fibres flexible so our skin looks radiant and plump. What more could you ask for?! Well, then we add the scents…

The first, Beauty Sleep Body Butter is packed full of relaxing & soothing organic ingredients that you can cocoon yourself in before bedtime so you have a wonderful night of beauty sleep. The essential oils in this product help you to relax and relieve tension so you get a perfect night’s sleep. Cypress bring inner peace whilst clary sage is mood lifting helping you to feel calm and confident. Orange essential oil brings joy and positivity and benzoin is warm and chocolatey and helps you to feel calm. 

Garden Mint & Bergamot Body Butter is our other new product which I have tried and absolutely love! It has such a fresh, lemony scent  that will immediately uplift you and clear your mind so you feel fresh and ready for anything the day will bring! Essential oils really do have an impact on the way we feel, so oils such as niaouli will clear the mind whereas garden mint will increase focus and energise you. The Bergamot will bring joy and lighten the heart and lemon will invoke happiness. I wish you could smell this product through the screen because it really is a truly gorgeous smelling product.

Garden Mint & Bergamot Body Butter

It has quite a thick consistency and rubs into the skin really well. It absorbs very quickly and isn’t sticky either so you won’t have to wait to put on your clothes afterwards! I think if you put this on in the morning, you would feel like you could accomplish anything that day – and your skin would be moisturised too!

You can shop for the Beauty Sleep Body Butter exclusively here – you can only buy them direct through consultants for the next month so grab it before everybody else does! The Garden Mint & Bergamot is exclusive for hosts so find your local consultant to book your Home Shopping Event & receive it for free!

I hope you have enjoyed my first blog post and I look forward to writing some more posts about beauty & other things in my life!


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