Babyliss Curl Secret Review

“The Babyliss Curl Secret has revolutionary Auto Curl technology to effortlessly create beautiful, free-flowing curls with long-lasting effect.”

Babyliss Curl Secret Hair Curler Review Demo

The hair curler has two different heat settings and three timer settings for different curl effects and an automatic curl direction for a natural finish. You can basically choose how tight/loose you want the curl by changing the heat and timer settings before you start and the curl alternates left and right each time.

Babyliss offer these tips to help you when you are starting off:
• Setting 8 (8 seconds = 3 beeps) – for loose waves
• Setting 10 (10 seconds = 4 beeps) – for soft curls
• Setting 12 (12 seconds = 5 beeps) – for more defined curls

Babyliss Curl Secret Hair Curler Review

I have a bob so I wasn’t sure how this would work on my hair. It’s quite a long bob but the underneath layers are fairly short as it is graduated.

I started off by trying a few of the top layers just to get a feel for how the styler works. It’s fairly easy to use; just section off a piece of hair, put it inbetween the curler in the barrel, press the curler together and hold. It will draw your hair into the curler until it’s completely sucked in. It then beeps for however long and then a few beeps at the end to let you know it’s ready to release. Ta da!
You have a curl! It really is that easy. A few times I did accidentally get my hair caught but it doesn’t hurt at all, you just release the curlers and it lets your hair go.

I really love this and it didn’t take me long at all to finish my whole head. The underneath layers weren’t as curly obviously because they’re shorter but it still looked really nice once I was all done. It’s a bit trickier to do the back of your head as you can’t see where to put the hair through the curler but with a few uses I think I will be able to do it perfectly! I wouldn’t say the curls were ‘perfect’ every time but I went for loose messy curls anyway so for me it’s not a problem. I think I’ll be taking this with me on holiday as it’s so quick and easy to use.

Here is a photo of my hair after I had used the curler. As you can see my hair is quite big and it did settle down after this and framed my face rather than just sticking out. I used it on the hottest heat setting for 8 seconds because I didn’t want them to go too tight as I already have short hair. Also, as it is so humid and hot outside I noticed that the curls didn’t really frizz at all which my hair usually does! I will use this again whilst the weather is still nice and let you know how the curls hold throughout the day! *UPDATE* The curls lasted ALL day. No joke. Even with 30 degrees heat in England my hair stayed put in curls for the entire duration of the day. I even slept with the curls in and it still looked nice the next morning, with no need to go back over any straggly bits!

The next day:

Babyliss Curl Secret Hair Curler Review

You can buy Babyliss Curl Secret Amazon now…


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  1. omg omg omg omg omg omg I NEED THIS! It looks AMAZING!!!!!!! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    Posted 7.18.13
  2. It IS amazing!! It is so easy to use and the curls are actually incredible! x

    Posted 7.18.13
  3. Brilliant post and I cannot tell you how tempted I am to buy this! Ahhh decisions!! x

    Posted 7.19.13
  4. Thank you! It's really great – you won't be disappointed! x

    Posted 7.19.13
  5. I love the finished result, I would be tempted to see how it would work on my hair as it is quite long Xx

    Posted 7.20.13
  6. It actually works better on longer hair! The curls are more defined and they look lovely x

    Posted 7.27.13
  7. I am picking one of these up from argos tomorrow! I have bobbed hair just like yours but will be having extensions soon so im hoping I cant wait to start using it:) I will now be trying it straight away as your hair looks great x

    Posted 7.28.13
  8. How straight is your hair to begin with? I have long-ish kinky hair and any curls I've ever tried drop really quickly. Am very impressed with the videos I've seen on this though. Very tempted… it looks lovely on you x

    Hephzibah x

    Posted 8.5.13
  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    Posted 8.5.13
  10. Aww let me know how you get on with it! x

    Posted 8.5.13
  11. Thank you 🙂 After I blow-dry my hair it's straight ish but with a bit of a wave to it and very frizzy and puffy! But after using this the curls look lovely and it's definitely less frizzy! x

    Posted 8.5.13
  12. Wow, that sounds amazing, I want one! No more rag rolling for me! Your hair looked great x

    Posted 8.23.13
  13. Me too! I noticed if you join up as a new customer on Very you get 10% off, taking it down to £108, still too much for me but if you are planning to buy then it's a bit off at least. xxxx

    Posted 10.14.13
  14. Thanks Annie 🙂 It really is great! x

    Posted 10.14.13
  15. That is a pretty good saving and with Very you can pay it over 3 months so that might be something to consider?

    Posted 10.14.13
  16. Hi amber may i know if it is made in UK or China? Thanks for your help.

    Posted 3.14.14
  17. Aisling M wrote:

    Hey I bought it today. I was quite hesitant cos of the price cos it's so expensive but I tell you now I'm actually thrilled I did. It's worth every penny. My hair is long brown past well past my shoulders and it looks fricking amazing. I actually have modelling hair haha. Buy it if you have money. I was going to wait to see if it went down in price after Xmas but it didn't so I just bought it. Im usually not that animated about what I buy but this is great. Wish I could upload a photo

    Posted 3.16.14
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    Posted 10.30.14
  19. Ive just bought these and its not sucking my hair in please help

    Posted 4.10.15
  20. Hey!
    I have the babyliss curler and wanted to know if they curl hair extensions? Also if I'd do them separately or once clipped in my hair?

    Posted 4.21.15