Cleaning My Brushes | eBay Silicone Oven Mitt

I know you all will probably have heard of this product for cleaning brushes but I only just got round to using mine a few weeks ago. I bought this silicone oven mitt on eBay for £2.89 a while back after seeing it as a dupe for the Sigma Cleaning Mitt which retails at over £30!

I really love using this to clean my brushes for a few reasons;

1. You can wash brushes in really hot water without burning your hands – I always clean my brushes with almost boiling hot water to make sure they are really clean but when I use my hands it can take a while as I have to wait for the water to cool down a little every time.

2. The ridges on the mitt help to deeper clean the brushes and get every last bit of make-up out.

3. It was a bargain at £2.89!

4. It’s so quick and easy; I’ve never washed my brushes so quickly and they were super clean too!

I use either my ELF Brush Cleaner or if my brushes are really dirty I treat them to my NYR Palmarosa Facial Wash which is a more natural cleaner with anti-bacterial properties!

I would definitely recommend trying this for cleaning your brushes – it’s so quick and easy – I’ve never enjoyed cleaning my brushes much but this takes all the hassle out of it!

Have you tried this oven mitt for cleaning brushes?
Here is the link incase you want to try it!


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  1. Heh, I've never heard of this! Smart idea 🙂 I'm way too lazy with cleaning brushes but 2.89 instead of over 30 is brilliant. Thanks for sharing! X

    Posted 9.8.13
  2. Anonymous wrote:

    Definitely need a mitt to clean my brushes. My hands get so wrinkly from the hot water! x

    Posted 9.8.13
  3. Caitie wrote:

    I did the same as you and bought a cheap silicone mitt to dupe the Sigma one, but I made the mistake of using it in the kitchen once, and it's never quite made it to brush washing! I should really pick up another 🙂

    Posted 9.8.13
  4. Oh what a good idea and fab price xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk xx

    Posted 9.8.13
  5. I know it's a bargain! It's so easy to use as well its super quick 🙂 x

    Posted 9.9.13
  6. I know me too! And I always tend to burn my hands on the water as it gets too hot then I have to wait for it to cool down haha! x

    Posted 9.9.13
  7. Oh no haha!! Yeah definitely buy another one it's a great little product! x

    Posted 9.9.13
  8. I wish I had blogged about it sooner I thought more people had already heard about it though! x

    Posted 9.9.13
  9. This looks great! x

    Posted 9.12.13