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I was recently contacted on Twitter by a company called the Chuckling Goat and asked whether I would be interested in receiving some samples from them. I was really pleased when I received three soap bars and a bottle of their Skin Food.

Chuckling Goat are a company who sell natural probiotic milk, cleaning products as well as cleansing bars and lotions, all handmade on their farm. All of the soaps are made with fresh milk from their goats on their farm in Wales. They use raw active goatsmilk in their products which is great for healing skincare problems such as acne, eczema, dermatitis, psoriasis, rosacea, allergies and sensitive skin.

The Jones family started their company after realising how great their goats milk was for their son’s bronchial infection and also for their eczema when the Jones family started making soaps using the goats milk too (they now have 30 goats!!). It also helped when husband Richard came out of hospital with a life-threatening MRSA infection and when the antibiotics didn’t work, their kefir pro-biotic drink did! You can read more about the family & their goat farm here

As soon as I opened the parcel I could smell the most lovely essential oils like mint and lemon. The first soap that I tried was the Mint Goatsmilk Soap*. It smells just lovely – so uplifting and refreshing! I use it to wash my hands and it’s perfect. It foams up well and leaves my hands feeling clean, fresh and moisturised.

Lemon Goatsmilk Soap* is another bar that they sent me and this smells gorgeous too! I love uplifting scents so this whole package was right up my street! I used this as a body wash and I’ve never really used a bar soap before so I didn’t know what to expect. It did leave my skin feeling quite sticky at first and I was quite tempted to wash with another shower gel whilst in the shower but I didn’t so I could see how my skin felt once I was dry (to give a fair review) and it was actually fine. It lathered up well and cleansed my skin so I guess it’s just using a bar that may be a bit sticky. I will probably just stick to using this as a hand wash though as I wasn’t keen on the sticky feeling but it works great on my hands.

Pro-Biotic Cleansing Bar for Troubled-Skin* is the last bar that I was sent and this smells like tea tree. I have been using this to wash my face with every now and then because I do get blemishes and have quite oily skin. It’s a great, slightly foaming soap that cleanses my skin perfectly. My skin doesn’t feel dry at all after using this which I was slightly worried about as I had never used soap to wash my face with before – I tend to stick to balms and cream cleansers but this is now in my weekly beauty routine. This is my favourite product out of everything I received.

The last product was the Pro-Biotic Skin Food Lotion* which is a milky body cream for troubled skin. This product works great on my itchy skin when I get the occasional eczema or dry skin flare up. I always have dry skin on my legs from shaving and just when I forget to moisturise and this helps to moisturise, sooth and relieve itching. It’s also perfect for acne, spots and stubborn rashes. 

Chuckling Goat also make a lavender scented skin food & soap, a sensitive skin range and a range for pets! Their kefir goats milk is great for problems such as IBS, asthma, high cholesterol & allergies. 
Chuckling Goat also donates 1% of all of their sales to Kids for Kids, a wonderful charity that helps starving children in Darfur, Sudan, by putting goats into villages there. The goats provide life-saving protein with their milk, and a hope of survival.

Overall I am very pleased with the products I received and think their brand is just an incredible inspiration, helping others with their skin problems.

*UPDATE* Chuckling Goat have now re-packaged their products and you can see their new packaging on my Glow Getter Gathering post.

Have you tried Chuckling Goat? What did you think?


*PR Samples

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  1. So cute! I love the name and packaging. Does any of it smell goat-y? Sounds a silly question but I know goats milk and butter has a distinctive taste – would you know that it was goat milk if it wasn't stated? I think mint would have been my favourite… mmm, minty. 🙂 x

    Posted 1.22.14
  2. Thanks for this review! I remembered that gemma ( buffbeauty blog) really enjoyed this brand, she wrote a review about it as well :-)x

    Posted 1.22.14
  3. Umm I don't think so no! The essentials oils of lemon and mint are really strong so I think that overshadows the soapy scent. The mint is lovely and is my favourite scent out of all three it smells like spearmint polos! x

    Posted 1.22.14
  4. Ooh thats great I'll hop on over & check out her review! x

    Posted 1.22.14
  5. Great brand name and what lovely products, the scents appeal to me a lot, I adore goat's milk produce, edible and non-edible, so this sounds right up my street. Love their charitable stance too. I really admire brands that get involved in smaller 'on the ground' charities that make an immediate difference. x

    Posted 1.23.14