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I was recently tagged by Rachel from All Natural Aspirations to do her own tag, the Going Green Tag! I was on holiday in New York whilst I was tagged so I apologise for this being really late! Anyway, lets get on with the questions!

Photo from Rachel’s blog post!

1. What started it all off for you?

I was actually a Neal’s Yard Remedies consultant from August 2012 up until the end of last year. At first, it was simply a way to earn some extra money on the side of my full-time job but it really helped me to learn about all the nasty chemicals in mainstream products. I learnt about how much better natural products are for your skin and I was really inspired to start leading a more green lifestyle.

2. What was the first thing to go? (Ingredient or product)

I think the same as most people, SLS shower gels were the first to go. I had quite a lot of NYR products so it was fairly easy for me to incorporate more natural products into my routine and the first product I started using more of were their shower gels as I got sample bottles for only £1!

3. What are you/did you struggle to let go of?

I am struggling to find a natural liquid foundation. I currently have on order the Living Nature one so I’m hoping I have chosen the right colour so fingers are crossed & I will let you all know! 

4. What has been your best find or change? (i.e a green product or a tip that you’re really glad you’ve found/learnt)

I think just finding out about new brands has been the best change for me. I really love discovering brands who are truly passionate about natural products like Bodhi, Indie Lee, Yarok and Balance Me. My favourite product since discovering natural beauty would have to be the Indie Lee Squalane Facial Oil but I’m currently using Bodhi Neroli Luce and that may be overtaking Indie’s oil…we’ll have to wait a couple more weeks & see!

5. What has been the worst thing about going green? What has been the hardest to transition or find an adequate green replacement of?

Deodorant has been pretty difficult to find a great natural alternative but none of the mainstream ones really ever worked for me anyway. Shampoo & conditioner has been a bit of a struggle, either they work great on their own and not together or it’s too rich for my oily hair!

6. Anything else to add? Any tips or tricks to pass on?

I would say to change things gradually and research ingredients and brands before buying them. Sometimes brands claim to be green but contain dodgy ingredients that you might not notice at first. Take your time in getting greener & have fun. Discover new brands and help others out!

As I’ve done this quite late, I’m not sure who hasn’t done this tag so if you haven’t done it, I’m tagging you!! All you have to do it answer the questions and let everybody know that Rachel started off the tag at All Natural Aspirations!


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  1. I never did find a natural liquid foundation I was happy with and I resisted mineral powder ones for a long time but when I eventually tried them I was surprised how much I really liked them.

    Posted 2.24.14
  2. I think I might eventually try mineral foundation but I'm happy to say I received the Living Nature liquid foundation and its great! Medium coverage which is perfect but it doesn't look heavy at all and gives a lovely glow to the skin!

    Posted 2.24.14
  3. Have you ever tried Primal Pit Paste for deodorant? I absolutely love it. Also, Etsy has some great options.


    Posted 2.25.14