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So last week I went to New York with my two friends Becky & Kate and it was my 21st Birthday whilst we were out there. Needless to say, I did a lot of shopping. I went a little lot overboard and I came home with a dollar. Whoops! I just had my room re-decorated so I have London street names all over my walls now…do you think this looks good with the products in front for photos or is it annoying and distracting? Please let me know! Also, I like to hoard bags…..not plastic bags just the posh paper/card ones. My friends chucked away their Tiffany ones so I stole them from the bin and also kept my Sephora & ABC Home ones as I just like them as a momento!

As soon as we got to New York, we hopped on the shuttle bus to the hotel, freshened up a bit and then off we went to Times Square as our hotel was one block away. We went into a few stores then found our way into Sephora. The whole place was pretty much decked out in mainstream products and I was gutted when I couldn’t find BITE Beauty, but then a lovely lady told me where it was so I was really chuffed. This was my first buy!

BITE Beauty Matte Creme Lip Crayon in ‘Sweety’ – This was my first purchase of the holiday and probably my favourite. It’s a gorgeous colour and texture and stays on for ages. The crayon is so creamy smooth and goes on like a dream. It’s a shame the other colours were a bit ‘out there’ as I would have bought more! However, if oranges and lilacs are your type then check them out. This cost $24 which I think is a great price for such a long-lasting, highly pigmented crayon.

Lavanila Deodorant – I have a few natural deodorants and tend to dip in and out of different ones so my underarms don’t get ‘used’ to a certain deodorant all the time as then I find they stop working as well. This is a roll-on deodorant but so far is probably one of my favourite natural ones that I’ve tried. It’s a creamy texture rather than a crystal or simple roll on one that I’ve tried before so I feel like this is actually going onto my skin and sinking in rather than going over the top if that makes sense. It smells lovely and I find that this works better than other natural ones I’ve tried! This was about $8.

The next day, we went to Whole Foods. I had written up a plan of where we were going to go on what days etc and this wasn’t actually on the plan until a few days into the holiday but we got off our tour bus and it was within walking distance so I quickly dragged my friends in and found the health & beauty section. I was in heaven. There were about five different aisles packed full of body products, hair, make-up, everything. I’m quite proud that I only spent $85 in there!

Desert Essence Red Berry Shampoo – I have heard some great things about Desert Essence and Ria had recommended them to me so this was the first product I picked out. I am so happy I tried this and also even more happy that it’s available in the UK so I can buy more! It lathers really well, smells gorgeous and when I double shampoo it leaves my hair feeling super smooth and it actually decreases drying time which is great!

Mineral Fusion Vibrant Shine Shampoo – I accidentally picked up two shampoos instead of a conditioner (hey, I was tired!) but I don’t really mind because I use shampoo twice and not very often do I use conditioner so I almost always have conditioner spare. I haven’t tried this yet as I am using the Desert Essence and the rest of my Acure one still but it was a brand I hadn’t heard of before so thought I would try something new.

Acure Balancing Rose & Red Tea Toner – I really wanted to try more from Acure as I really like their cleanser that I bought in December and this seemed like a good product to try. It is aimed at normal to combination skin types and contains red tea to help with impurities and rose which is great for me as I suffer from redness. On the day we went they were giving 25% discount on all skincare items so I managed to save about $4 on this!

Acure Dark Chocolate & Mint Lip Balm – Like I need another lip balm…never mind, this smells yummy!

Alba Botanica Eye Make-Up Remover – I bought this because I sometimes just pop a bit of mascara on or the cleanser that I fancy using is not meant to be used on your eyes so I thought this would be ideal for me, especially when I’m feeling lazy! It does a great job of getting stubborn mascara and eyeliner off and isn’t very oily either. I got 25% off this too so I saved $2 on it!

Dr Bronner Organic Hand & Body Shikakai Soap – I bought this because we only had a soap bar in the hotel to wash our hands with and my friends wanted something else. I thought it was only $3.99 as that was what the label said underneath and it wasn’t until I got back to the hotel that I realised it was actually $8.99 so that was a little annoying however I did think it was super cheap when I picked it up and should have looked a little closer. It smells gorgeous though and works great as a hand wash.

Sante Trio Eyeshadow Palette – I have only got a few natural eyeshadows in my collection, mainly from Lily Lolo so the look of these palettes instantly appealed to me. Three eyeshadows for only $19.99 was a great buy. The colours shown on the box looked like matte neutral shades but they’re actually shimmered which is a little bit annoying. I don’t mind that much because I do like shimmer however I would have preferred matte shades because my Lily Lolo ones are shimmery and similar shades. Anyway, the colours are still gorgeous, the palest shade is perfect for highlighting and then I use the other two on my lid for a smokey eye!

Sante Eyebrow Pencil – I was actually planning on taking this back because I had spent so much and was running out of money fast but it was out of our way a little bit so I never got round to it. I had wanted to try a natural pencil for my eyebrows as I am using MAC Brun eyeshadow now but I’ve never found a colour that suits me as much as that. This seemed quite light when I tried it at first but it’s actually not a bad colour match if I’m going for quite a light, natural brow. I would like it to be slightly darker but it’s a really light pencil that goes on really smooth and even which is better than other natural pencils I’ve tried.

After visiting Whole Foods, the next shop I wanted to visit was right around the corner, ABC Carpet & Home. I knew I wanted to go here because they sell Tata Harper, RMS Beauty, Isa’s Restoratives and S.W Basics. This shop was just incredible. It was filled with beauty products and then loads of homeware like cushions ($300!!!!) and cute cards and chandeliers. From there I bought:

RMS Un Cover-Up – FINALLY! This has been on my wishlist for ages and ages but as I knew I was going to New York I thought I’d buy it out there because it was way cheaper ($36 compared to Ā£28 in UK). I tried this as soon as I got back to the hotel room and love it. I first applied it with my fingers but felt that it didn’t really cover my under-eye circles very well but I used my Real Techniques Blending Brush and it went on so smoothly and covered my dark circles really well. I am loving this so far! I got the colour 11 and its a pretty perfect match for me!

Isa’s Restoratives Three Flower Astringent – I picked one of these up as it was also on my wishlist and it was a pretty pricey $25 which I thought was a bit much for a spot treatment, then I realised that the rest of their range was on sale. So I picked up another bottle and it had been reduced from $25 to $12.99 so I was really chuffed with that! It smells a bit strong for my liking but as I only use it on the occasional blemish I don’t mind all that much. It doesn’t sting at all and my skin had a few breakouts on holiday as I was seriously dehydrated and not eating well enough but I used this every night on my spots and they’re almost all gone now so that’s a good sign!

I was tempted by the S.W Basics toner but I wasn’t really keen on the smell and I had just bought one from Whole Foods so I didn’t really need another one (how good am I!). The Tata Harper products all looked incredible too but were a bit out of my price range so I’ll have to save them for when I’m feeling loaded.

I was planning on going to a couple of green beauty stores in Brooklyn however we were doing a walking tour through Brooklyn Heights and it was -4 degrees. We did the tour which was really amazing but by the time we were finished, we ended up ages away from where we started which was near where the shops were and we were absolutely frozen. We hopped on the subway and went back to the hotel room to de-thaw! We were planning on going to the BITE Beauty Lip Bar but I already had the one from Sephora that I was super happy with and I wasn’t that keen on spending $40 on another one so we left that off the plan. I’m probably going to do a post about the trip if any of your would be interested in seeing my photos let me know šŸ™‚


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  1. Ana wrote:

    The Bite beauty shade is really pretty, I just ordered Ilia's Karma Chameleon (Woops!) and I think it will be quite a similar colour. You got some great products Amber, it looks like you enjoyed yourself šŸ™‚ Xx

    Posted 2.16.14
  2. Ooh I ordered Ilia products too but for some reason my order was never processed so I never received them! Sounds lovely though, its a bit brighter than in the photo but still gorgeous none the less. I had a really good time šŸ™‚ x

    Posted 2.17.14
  3. Oooooh you've got the spot treatment, so jel! Can't wait to see a full review!

    Mayah x

    Posted 2.17.14
  4. Jana D. wrote:

    Uuu great haul šŸ™‚ i'm really curious about the Lavanila deodorant, it's too bad i can't get it where i live.. šŸ™‚ xx

    Posted 2.17.14
  5. Love your haul! x

    Posted 2.22.14
  6. Lots of lovely products! Love the shade of the lip crayon x

    Posted 2.27.14
  7. Unbelievably jealous!! Such a great selection. Especially the Bite beauty lip crayon, I can't wait for that brand to come to the UK xx

    Posted 3.25.14
  8. I've been using it for a while now, it stinks but it does work!

    Posted 3.26.14
  9. Thanks! I'm gutted because it's sooo good and I don't know where I'll be able to buy it from when it runs out!

    Posted 3.26.14
  10. Thanks Sandra! x

    Posted 3.26.14
  11. It's beautiful isn't it! They had so many lovely shades x

    Posted 3.26.14
  12. Haha I know they had so may gorgeous colours! I'm wearing this one in my profile picture on Twitter! xx

    Posted 3.26.14