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We’ve all heard of juice detoxes, drinking three bottles of juice everyday, pretty much starving yourself to lose weight right? Well, now there’s the tea detox! I never wanted to try a juice detox because quite frankly, I love food too much. I couldn’t just drink juice all day without eating because I would be so cranky and I don’t actually need to lose that much weight. I’m pretty happy with where I am now I just wanted to give myself a little kick up the backside to start my training for Race for Life in June. After New York, I put on quite a few pounds (too many Shake Shack hot dogs & cheesy fries although they were delicious!) and have been going to Bootcamp a few times a week since to get my weight back down. I’m not one to worry about my weight but I was in double figures for the first time in my life and knowing that the weight was fat and not muscle was what I was a bit upset about.

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However, I recently bought the Bootea Tea Detox. It is a 14 day teatox where you drink one tea every morning and then one of the bedtime cleanse teas every other night. Bootea teatox claim their tea can:

• Increase your metabolism
• Burn calories and convert food to energy
• Burn fat & counteract fat storage
• Regulate blood sugar levels
• Assist in the digestion of food
• Suppress appetite
• Improve skin health
• Improve quality of sleep
• Cleanse & detoxify
• Allow you to reach your health/weight loss goals

All of the tea’s ingredients are pure, natural & preservative free!

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You do this teatox alongside your regular diet, eating healthily and exercising as usual. This appealed to me because I don’t want to starve myself to lose loads of weight all in one go as that isn’t healthy and I know that. However, I wanted to try this out to just try and help me kickstart my training and hopefully curb my sugar cravings! I’m doing Race for Life however it isn’t until June I still haven’t really got into the mindset yet so I figured this would help.

Bootea have an eating plan on their website which they say you’re meant to follow to get maximum results from the teatox however you’re not meant to eat dairy products or poultry but I didn’t follow this because I don’t really see why because I’m only going to go back and eat them again so cutting them out really isn’t going to do all that much in my opinion. I have however started eating healthier than I normally would, with less naughty snacks! I have porridge or granary toast for breakfast, more fruit and chicken or a brown roll for lunch and then a healthy-ish dinner with veggies.

I decided to do this post in a sort of diary form so you can see any side effects I had and how I thought the tea was working for me throughout the two weeks:

So here we go!

Day 1 (Monday 10th)  (Weight 9st 13lbs) – 10am. Drank first daytime tea. Smells citrusy. Tastes a like lemon, not actually as bad as I thought it would be. (I am really fussy!) There are teeny little bits in the bottom of the cup though, so I don’t drink it all. 
11pm – Went out for meal with Paul’s family so had bedtime tea after. This is supposed to have a laxative effect, hence why you only drink these every other day. Smells like peppermint, doesn’t taste like a lot but leaves a weird minty aftertaste in my mouth – very strange! I was worried I would wake up at Paul’s desperately needing the loo but this didn’t happen. Quite surprised by this but may get worse during the next week?
Day 2 (Tuesday 11th) – 10am Drank second tea. This is getting easier to drink actually! Went to Bootcamp tonight – tough session! 
Day 3 (Wednesday 12th) – 10am Tea again. Not really looking forward to drinking the peppermint tea tonight…might try and put a sugar in it to make it sweeter?

10:30pm – Almost forgot to drink my tea!! Quickly brewed my tea and it still isn’t much easier to drink. It sort of just leaves a weird taste in my mouth after drinking it?

Day 4 (Thursday 13th) 8am – Woke up, didn’t need to go to the toilet but had a mild stomach pain.

            10am – Just discovered the ‘laxative’ effect for the first time! Bit worried this might get worse throughout the duration of the next two weeks…we’ll see! Getting easier to drink the daytime tea, I’m starting to quite like it actually! Going to Bootcamp again tonight!

Day 5 (Friday 14th) – 10am – Tea again! Getting used to this!

                              10pm – Evening tea again.

Day 6 (Saturday 15th) – 10am It’s not really having much of a ‘laxative’ effect on me apart from Day 4! Quite happy with that but not quite sure how well this is detoxing me. Drank my tea later on in the day, would much prefer to be drinking a proper English breakfast tea – can’t resist a couple throughout the day!

Day 7 (Sunday 16th) 10am – Bootcamp session this beautiful sunny morning! Went shopping with Mia and had my tea in the afternoon. Excited to see if I’ve lost any weight over the last week tomorrow!

                              9pm – Evening detox tea at Paul’s house again. Going ski-ing tomorrow so I drank it earlier to hopefully avoid any need to go to the loo whilst on the slopes!

Day 8 (Monday 17th) – Couldn’t weigh myself at Paul’s so will do it tomorrow. Went to the loo just before ski-ing…(TMI? Sorry!). Starting to notice my skin is starting to detox slightly – blackheads seem to be more prominent? Drank my daytime detox tea at night as I was out all day.

Day 9 (Tuesday 18th) – Weight: 9st 13lbs. Bit pissed off really that I’ve been to Bootcamp three times this week as well as a skiing session and this detox tea, and I’ve lost nothing! Better keep going and hope that I see more results at the end of the second week…

9pm – Evening tea – this doesn’t seem to be having much of a laxative effect on me only a couple of times throughout the last week or so!  

Day 10 (Wednesday 19th) Detox tea when I got home from work again. Bit annoyed really after I started thinking about it because I actually have only lost 2lbs since I got back from New York on 12th February….need to crank up this healthy eating!

Day 11 (Thursday 20th) Porridge for breakfast again this morning & a chicken salad(ish) for lunch. I don’t like lettuce so I had cucumber! Yummy.

9pm – Went to Bootcamp again this evening. Bedtime tea again at Pauls – he’s started to get fed up of me drinking my ‘Poo Tea’ hahaha! Glad that this is my second to last bedtime cleanse! I told my instructor that I hadn’t lost any weight and he told me I need to eat healthier so now I’m on the lookout for healthier lunch ideas….anybody got any easy ideas?!

Day 12 (Friday 21st) 12pm – Wow. Laxative. (SORRY!). Been to the toilet about four times today…not good! I thought I wouldn’t have much of a laxative effect and from what I’ve read it’s meant to get better throughout the two weeks but mine seems to have gotten worse! I forgot to bring home my teabags from work so I’ll have to drink two of the daytimes ones tomorrow. Been for a 6 mile run/walk this evening with my friend and had a lovely relaxing bath afterwards!

Day 13 (Saturday 22nd) – 11am I drank the first of my daytime teas today as I forgot yesterdays. Aching so much today from running & bootcamp. I’m going out tonight for a friends 21st birthday and I usually get a bit of an upset stomach after a night out so not going to drink the bedtime cleanse tonight incase I get the same effects as I did on Friday.

Day 14 (Sunday 23rd) Okay so I was so hungover I forgot to drink my tea so this is turning into a little longer than a 14 day detox…oopsie!

Day 15 (Monday 24th) – Drinking a daytime tea and the nighttime cleanse tonight then I just have the daytime tea to drink tomorrow. Weight: 10st 0lbs. Not happy!! I had a naughty weekend and did get drunk but I still expected to lose atleast 1lb not put some on!

Day 16 (Tuesday 25) – Last tea woohoo!

My end result: 9st 12lb. I lost ONE pound. Bit disappointed I have to say…

I have been going to Bootcamp and we do a lot of strength exercises and I can tell that my body has changed shape since January and my hips are skinnier and my tummy is flatter so it may be that all the muscle I’m putting on is out-weighing the fat I’m losing through exercising? I still sort of expected to lose more than 1lb though even without doing the teatox!

Health benefits?
My skin looks so much clearer! I could tell it was working about half way through because my blackheads were very prominent and I used my DIY Bentonite Clay Face Mask and now they’re almost gone. I also have only had one spot in the two weeks I’ve been drinking the tea. Overall I don’t think I slept any better than normal but I did feel slightly less bloated and it did help with my sugar cravings. However, seeing as I only lost a single pound I wouldn’t purchase again.   

Have you tried Bootea? What were your results?

You can buy Bootea from Amazon here.


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  1. They do make quite a lot of claims! And I suppose if they encourage you to eat a lot healthier whilst drinking the tea it's hard to know where the weight loss/improvements come from. But that's great that your skin became clearer – I do think herbal teas can really provide a lot of benefits for skin and health, but I am always a bit suspicious of companies that promise all those results in just a week or two x

    Posted 3.26.14
  2. Ah! Such a shame this doesn't work on you 🙁 I remember trying a tea detox a while back too (with no good result) – think people just love to make grand claims. Good old fashion exercising is the best – gives you endorphins too 🙂

    Posted 3.27.14
  3. I really liked reading this – I'm still tempted to try, if only to mix up my regular tea drinking. I try to go to the gym three times a week, but work and school is kicking my butt at the moment and I'm definitely eating waaay more sugary rubbish than I need! x

    Posted 3.27.14
  4. It is hard because I was eating healthier than usual but it has definitely helped my skin so I was happy about that! I think I'll stick to normal green tea's from now on and hope that my skin stays good! x

    Posted 3.28.14
  5. I agree although tried this because I had seen people have great results. I have definitely seen my body change for the better since January when I got back on the exercise bandwagon and my tummy is flatter and my hips aren't as fatty so I'm happy about that! Will definitely carry on with my exercise and won't be disheartened by these results!

    Posted 3.28.14
  6. Thanks Hephzibah, I wasn't sure if anybody would read it all as it got pretty long in the end but I thought it would be the best way to get across the whole experience! Oh nooo, don't buy the sugary stuff and you won't eat it 😉 this did help to curve my sugar cravings! x

    Posted 3.28.14
  7. I was looking at this in Holland & Barrett. I might still try it x

    Posted 6.20.14
  8. Anonymous wrote:

    Interested to read through your experience. Obviously you were exercising quite a lot and it's true that you might have gained muscle weight.

    However I can't help but notice that you were also drinking alcohol and eating meat, which you're not supposed to do during a detox, so maybe that's got something to with it as well? Both are very bad for you and contain toxins that your body is trying to flush out during the detox. That may also explain why it wasn't having a huge laxative effect on you as you may have expected, because you were topping your body up again once it had flushed!

    Just cutting down (preferably out!) meat and dairy can do a huge amount towards your weight loss efforts, eating more fruit and vegetables/salads and drinking lots of water.

    Good luck for the future 🙂

    Posted 7.17.14
  9. I have also tried this detox tea, and I had really bad pain in the early morning, at 4 or 5am, which was super annoying, because I couldn't get enough sleep. And I didn't lose any weight as well. I don't know how I felt about this stuff, don't know if I'm gonna try it again.

    Posted 12.22.14
  10. The idea that these company's are making so much money from "detoxing" the body is unreal ! This is a myth made up as a marketing ploy, granted some of the natural ingredients you see will naturally increase metabolism, however green tea is a great way of doing this at half the price. Other than that is has no benefits.(I am a university student who study's the body and am yet to come across conclusive evidence that any of this stuff works). If you want to loose weight, look at your Macro nutrients and adjust them, also increase exercise levels and eat 4 meals with reduced portion size. An easy way of doing all this is by using a fitness and calorie counter such as Myfitness pal which you can track all of this info on. It lets you set goals and then tells you how many calories you should aim for. It also lets you put in foods you have eaten to track your calories as well as macronutrients.

    Posted 1.13.15