Popchips – Healthy Crisps!

Mmmmm delicious Popchips! I’ve tried these delicious “healthy” crisps quite a few times and absolutely love them so when Clare contacted me from Popchips and asked me if I would like to be sent a mixed flavour box I jumped at the chance! I’m currently training for Race for Life and am certainly finding it difficult to avoid all the cakes I work with everyday so having these healthier crisps at work with me makes it easier to forget about the cakes and focus on healthier alternatives!

These crisps are never fried, never baked, just popped making them a delicious healthier option to normal crisps at less 100 calories and only 0.5g saturates per bag! Popchips start off as potatoes, then a little heat & pressure is added and POP it’s a chip! It’s as simple as that and they really are yummy. 

I was sent a mixed flavour box of Popchips* which included 5 different flavours: original, BBQ, sour cream & chive, salt & pepper and salt & vinegar. My favourite are the original and the sour cream & chive! These are a delicious snack that are healthier than normal crisps and help to fill that void I usually get in the afternoon at work. I find it hard to choose what I want to eat for my lunch as I’m really fussy so I normally just settle for a roll and a packet of crisps which I know isn’t healthy so atleast with these crisps I can be a little healthier and not feel as guilty for it!

They are naturally flavoured and do not use anything artificial: no fake colours, no fake flavours, no flourescent orange fingertips and no wiping your greasy hands on your jeans either!

You can buy these in loads of supermarkets such as Waitrose, Tesco & Sainsburys as well as Starbucks, Boots, Wholefoods, Planet Organic & Selfridges! 

Have you ever tried Popchips? What other healthy foods do you snack on?


*PR Samples

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  1. I always see these! But I never thought that they were a better alternative to regular chips. Going to go check these out now!

    Thanks for sharing! xx


    Posted 3.18.14
  2. Jen Morris wrote:

    Yummm – I like the BBQ ones 🙂 x

    Posted 3.18.14
  3. I really like these – had quite an obsession with the BBQ ones! I haven't tried the others though, so maybe it's time to check them out. 🙂

    Posted 3.18.14
  4. They are because they're not fried and they have no artificial flavours so they have very little fat or salt in them 🙂 xx

    Posted 3.19.14
  5. Ooh I haven't tried the BBQ yet! x

    Posted 3.19.14
  6. Ooh the BBQ must be good! The sour cream & chive are yummy 🙂

    Posted 3.19.14
  7. I see these in my local cafe but have only tried the Original ones (they were good!). Didn't know they did more flavours! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    Posted 3.20.14
  8. Oh Ive never tried these! I'm on the lookout for healthy snacks, definitely gona get a packet of the original ones to try xox

    Kirsty : Tartan Bones

    Posted 3.21.14
  9. Mm I like the original too, they are my favourite! I tried the BBQ yesterday they were pretty yummy 🙂 x

    Posted 3.21.14
  10. Ooh I think you'd like them! Much better for you than ordinary crisps as less calories & saturates! xx

    Posted 3.21.14