Nourish RevitalEyes Kale Biomimetic Eye Cream Review

I was recently sent the Nourish RevitalEyes Kale Biomimetic Eye Cream* to try out. I have horrendous dark circles which I think have been genetically passed down to me because I drink plenty of water and get atleast 8 hours sleep a night if not more. I was eager to try this out because I know the health benefits of kale so having the ingredients in an eye cream sounded really interesting.

Sorry about the marks on the box!

Nourish’s Revital-Eyes Kale Biomimetic Anti-Ageing Eye Cream claims to be an intense treatment for tired and puffy eyes affected by dark circles and wrinkles. It features essential vitamins B, E & K, antioxidants and peptides and light emitting Tonka Bean to brighten the eye area. The power of superfood Kale Oil Extract is used to protect skin elasticity, reduce the appearance of wrinkles and redness whilst promoting healing and a reduction in swelling.

As I am only 21, the effects that this claims to have on wrinkles does not matter to me, nor the puffy eyes as I don’t suffer from this either. The cream is very lightweight and feels soothing under the eyes. I have been using it day and night (almost everyday) for over 6 weeks now however, it hasn’t helped my dark circles as much as I had hoped. I use a small amount on my ring fingers to dab it around the eye area to avoid dragging the delicate skin around the eyes. There is a slight improvement but I’m really disappointed  because after reading the impressive ingredients list, it should work for me! It is really soothing and cooling under the eyes and keeps my under-eyes hydrated and feeling nourished however I couldn’t justify spending £30 on a cream that doesn’t do an awful lot for dark circles so unfortunately it’s a no from me!

You can get it from Being Content for £29.50 for 10ml.


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  1. Hello Amber….such a pity!!! I would think that dark circles are not an easy thing to "treat" or "correct"…:-(.x

    Posted 4.22.14
  2. Hi Audrey! I know it is a shame it didn't work for me! I don't think its very easy but I have heard good reviews about this so I was sad that it didn't work for me 🙁

    Posted 4.22.14
  3. I've always been sceptical of eye creams, I mainly just rely on them for soothing dryness or tiredness rather than treating imperfections.

    Posted 4.22.14
  4. I'm always on the lookout for creams that tackle dark circles as mine are pretty bad. It's such a shame when most of them make a lot of claims and in the end don't really make much difference, but I suppose dark circles are very hard to get rid of with a topical cream – I've thought in the past of trying some sort of laser treatment, but don't no if it's worth the expense x

    Posted 4.23.14
  5. There are a couple of natural things you could try Amber. Placing a cotton pad soaked in chilled pure rosewater over my eye area for 10 minutes every day helped to reduce the darkness for me. They also say that putting a slice of raw potato over the under eye area for 10-15 minutes twice a week helps but not tried that one! x

    Posted 4.23.14
  6. It is tough to find one that tackles dark circles, most of them claim to work for fine lines & tiredness but I don't need that (yet!) haha!

    Posted 4.23.14
  7. I know it's really annoying! A lot of them mainly focus on fine lines but this one seemed to focus on dark circles and I've read some good reviews but it just didn't work well enough for me to justify spending that much! I've seen treatments like that but its a bit tricky because obviously of the cost and whether it would work or not! x

    Posted 4.23.14
  8. Ooh Annie thanks for the advice! I have rosewater so I'll try that when I get home! Potato sounds a bit odd but probably worth a try! What's in potato that could help dark circles I wonder?! x

    Posted 4.23.14
  9. This product looks like it has a nice consistency but it's a shame that it didn't help much with your under eye circles!

    Posted 4.25.14
  10. That is so helpful! Thank you! xx

    Posted 4.25.14
  11. I get such puffy eyes in the morning so maybe this would be a good one for me! x

    Posted 4.26.14
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