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I wanted to do a separate post about our visit to LUSH at the Northampton Blogger Meet because the staff were just so lovely and helped us out and I wanted to focus on some specific products that I think will interest some of you green bloggers!

Whilst we were having a tour of the whole shop, the lovely Sophie, Maddi & Martyn mentioned a few products that really caught my attention. The first was their “Self Preserving” range. LUSH have taken out synthetic preservatives in four of their products and made them able to self preserve. I asked Sophie what the ingredient change was for the body lotion and it was just that it included more Sweet Almond Oil and Glycerin which is great because it means that they don’t have to use parabens!

I was also really interested in their natural deodorants! I’ve tried a few natural deodorants and found one that worked (Lavanila) but that has broken and they can’t ship to the UK to send me a replacement so I chose to buy one from LUSH to try out. I bought “The Greeench” which comes in powder form in a bottle and all you do it tip some onto your hands, pat it slightly so it goes over your fingers then pat it on your underarms. Their deodorants have no preservatives, no aluminium salts or propellants.  It can be used on underarms, feet or even in trainers. It includes tea tree and thyme oil, sage and rosemary powders as well as Icelandic moss. I’ve been using this since the Blogger Meet which was two weeks ago now and I’m loving it. As its a powder it helps to absorb sweat and keeps my underarms feeling dry, fresh and not smelly.

I told Sophie that I use natural and organic products all the time anyway and didn’t actually realise that they had ranges like this and even that they had green products that didn’t have any parabens – I had been avoiding them because I thought everything had some bad ingredients in. Sophie showed me over to their SLS-free shampoo, Bounsey that it especially for people with coloured hair as it doesn’t have the harsh chemicals/SLS in it that strips the hair. I have highlights so this sounded really great but it was Ā£18.00 for a tub and I’ve got a few to use up so I passed on that one for the meantime however Sophie did give me a sample to use which was lovely of her, so thank you Sophie if you’re reading!

The last part of the evening was my favourite part – the Emotional Brilliance Colour Wheel. LUSH have made a selection of colours that can be used as a mascara, eyeshadow or eyeliner and they’ve named them all with specific names – the idea behind it being that when you wear that colour, you also wear the name associated with the shade!

Along with the products, they do colour readings so you spin the wheel and then when it stops you choose three colours that stand out to you at the time. You don’t have to think about it just choose the first three that you see! The first colour relates to your strength/weakness, the second to your subconscious and the third is your aspiration/talent.

Here are my results!

I like that confident was my first one and I chose to take that as my strength because I was feeling confident on the day, even though myself & Mia were really nervous in the car on the way to the meet-up but that soon subsided as we all got chatting with everyone! The aspiration colour really stood out to me and I think that this reflects my life perfectly at the minute – since transitioning to natural beauty, I’ve made a conscious effort to live more naturally in all aspects of life from taking care of myself through exercising, stretching & yoga as well as taking time out to de-stress and de-clutter my mind and also what I put into and onto my body! Confident is a gorgeous deep purple, Dynamic is a pale pink with gold shimmer and Healthy is a bright green!

At the end, LUSH kindly gave us a free product each from the Self Preserving Range (I chose Mask of Magnaminty – right hand side of above photo, I’ll be doing a full review on this soon!) as well as a shade from our Colour Wheel results. I wanted Confident but they had all gone, so instead I chose Dynamic which looks lovely as an eyeshadow! (The colour I chose has methylparaben and propylparaben in it at the bottom of the ingredients list but I think the ones made for lip colours do not have parabens).

If you have a LUSH near you I would highly recommend popping in for a visit and asking them about their new Self Preserving range and give the Emotional Brilliance Wheel a spin – its a lot of fun! You can also do it by downloading their app onto your phone and it gives you your results like the photo underneath “Here are my results”.

I would just like to say a huge thank you to Sophie, Maddi & Martyn for putting on an awesome shop tour for us, answering all of our questions and staying open so late on a Sunday for us! We had an awesome time and I’ll definitely be back to see you all again soon!

Have you visited LUSH recently? Whats your favourite product from their range?
If you want to read the post about the Northampton Blogger Meet, click here.


*We were kindly given the Emotional Brilliance product and the Mask of Magnaminty as part of the Blogger Meet up.

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  1. It's great to hear that Lush are starting to listen to customers and remove some unwanted ingredients. I still won't be visiting any time soon because the overpowering fragrances are a little too much for my skin & nose. I understand the attraction for others and I'll follow reviews with a little bit more interest from now on šŸ™‚

    Posted 5.9.14
  2. It's great that they're heading in a better direction. I agree, when Mia told me we were going to LUSH I thought ugh great because I didn't think I would really be interested & it always gives me a headache when I walk past aha! So it was great to know that they do have truly green products now šŸ™‚

    Posted 5.9.14
  3. Nice review Amber. I emailed Lush a little while back about their use of parabens and SLS and had a reply to 'watch this space' so it's nice to see them improving on their ingredients. Maybe I'll give them another go in the future but I have to say, whatever their ingredients, I have always found Lush staff to be incredibly friendly and helpful too x

    Posted 5.9.14
  4. Thanks Annie. It is great that they're listening to what customers want! In their magazine though they still insist parabens are safe to obviously not put others off using their products that do contain parabens which is a bit annoying as they're clearly not super green but I agree the staff are lovely! šŸ™‚

    Posted 5.9.14
  5. Ana wrote:

    Whatever people think of Lush there is no denying they have shrewd business sense and so the fact that they listen to feedback doesn't surprise me, I don't tend to shop there for me but I do buy for friends so will check out the new range when I go in store next. Looking forward to reviews šŸ™‚ Xx

    Posted 5.9.14
  6. It's great that they are listening to customers and taking out parabens and other preservatives šŸ™‚

    Posted 5.9.14
  7. Nice review Amber, glad you had a good time! x

    Posted 5.10.14
  8. Awww we had so much fun at Lush, I'm still enjoying my products especially the massage bar hahaha How are you getting on with your deodorant hun. Next time I go in there I'm gonna pick up some of that weird toothpaste lol xx

    Danielle || Miss Sunshine & Sparkle

    Posted 5.13.14
  9. Thanks Audrey! I had a fab time and it was great to find out that Lush are listening to customers and making a step in the right direction šŸ™‚ x

    Posted 5.14.14
  10. It was great fun wasn't it! Haha I need to get me one of those! The deodorant is pretty good actually – a bit messy though, it's all over my dressing table & carpet aha! I need to be a bit more careful… I think I might try some of the toothpaste too but just not sure which flavour to go for! Wasabi is not my thing… lol xx

    Posted 5.14.14
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