Acorelle Natural Eau de Parfum Review

Since transitioning to green beauty, the only two things I haven’t switched are perfumes and toothpaste. So this month from My Pure I thought I would delve into the world of natural fragrance/eau de parfum. 

Acorelle are a brand that sell a range of different products from fragrances and skincare to bodycare & waxing products (I’ll be reviewing some of these soon!). I chose the Acorelle Eau de Parfum White Orchid* to try out and also the Acorelle Eau de Parfum Discovery Set* to see if I liked any of the other scents that Acorelle have to offer.
Acorelle Eau de Parfum White Orchid Review
The Acorelle Eau de Parfum White Orchid* is housed in an clear glass bottle with a glass lid. I like that it has a lid as not many perfumes (including my Β£95 bottle of Flowerbomb!) come with a lid so I was happy about that as it makes it better for travelling. 

“White Orchid alleviates stress and anxiety with a calming blend of sandalwood, orange, vanilla, pear leaf, hawthorn and patchouli. Additional notes include elemi, cardamom, lemon, clove, elder, iris, raspberry & bush peach.”

  • Family : Cyprusy Flowery Spice
  • Top Notes : cardamom, pear leaf
  • Middles Notes : iris florentina, hawthorn
  • Base Notes : patchouli, vanilla, raspberry
I wasn’t sure how my first experience with natural fragrance would go, I actually ordered the Amber Vanilla (obviously!) scent which sounds more like my personal taste however it got lost in the post and was then out of stock when my order was sent out again as they’re on sale. 
My Pure were very helpful and I would just like to thank them for their excellent customer service – they replied to my emails straight away & gave me a call to see what I would like to order instead – very impressed!
Anyway, back onto the perfume…I tried this as soon as I received it in the post and it smells like PARMA VIOLETS to me! It’s quite a strange scent for a perfume but I do actually like it. It’s a very sweet scent with a hint of flowers that peeps through. It’s not the strongest scent however I wasn’t expecting it to be very heavily scented as its only natural fragrances and these are more targeted to be an “aromatherapy” kind of perfume which is pretty cool. Each Eau de Parfum has a different effect on you such as soothing, relaxing or energising. I’d say the perfume lasts around 5-6 hours so its not the longest lasting perfume however they are completely natural so you can’t expect it to last all day in my opinion.

For those who don’t know what Parma Violets are…they’re sweets in the UK…not sure if they’re available anywhere else!  

Acorelle Eau de Parfum Discovery Set* is a great way of sampling each fragrance before buying a full size bottle. This is really helpful as most perfumes are quite large bottles and with natural fragrance, its often buying online & there’s no way of testing them whereas with this, it comes with 10 perfume sample bottle to test them out. MyPure aren’t stocking this set at the minute as Acorelle are re-branding the packaging however you can still buy 1.5ml samples of the perfumes for just 50p so its worth checking out! Also, they’re cute little squirty tubes so they’re handy for taking out with you in your handbag for on a night out or in the day! I’ll be taking a couple of these with me to Amsterdam so I have more choice!

Acorelle Eau de Parfum Discovery Set - Natural perfumes
Acorelle Eau de Parfum Discovery Set - Natural perfumes
Acorelle Eau de Parfum Discovery Set - Natural perfumes

Acorelle Eau de Parfum Discovery Set - Natural perfumes

My other favourites from the range are Amber Vanilla (Vanille Ambree) which isn’t very strong again but smells very relaxing and I think would be perfect for having a lazy day. I also like Tea Garden (Jardin des Thes) which had a more floral scent but still very sweet – I wore this when I went out to lunch on Sunday as it was the “energising” scent! 

I think these are a lovely selection of natural perfumes & I’m happy with my first experience of natural fragrance. If you’re new to natural fragrance these are a great place to start they are half price on My Pure at the minute at just Β£15.00 each so hop on over to their website to check them out. They also have 10% off this at the minute as they’re celebrating their 10th Birthday! Happy 10th Birthday My Pure!

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Have you tried any natural fragrances?


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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Love the look of the sample kit, such a great idea to try them out as scent is such a personal thing! x

    Posted 6.23.14
  2. Parma Violets sort of look like they're in the Smarties family! I have never tried them, but I think I know the exact smell you are talking about, I can feel it! I love perfume samplers- the variety is so much fun but it's also such a great way to wade through what you like/don't like. How exciting! Great review- the Parma Violet picture is so cute, makes me think of childhood- afterall, who doesn't want to smell like a sweet? :0) It's my goal in life! – Kathryne :0)

    Posted 6.23.14
  3. I'd love to try the mini set, seems like such a great way to sample everything! The Amber Vanilla does sound lovely πŸ™‚ x

    Posted 6.23.14
  4. Jen Morris wrote:

    I bought the sample set and really liked the scents although I didn't think they had any lasting power. I loved Amber Vanilla too x

    Posted 6.24.14
  5. The sample set is really handy, I'm still using mine and the Jardin des The was my favourite I think. It's a good deal on Acorelle at the moment x

    Posted 6.24.14
  6. you lost me at Parma Violets……my favourite sweets!…..I've tried Acorelle a while back but I can't remember which one I liked, the tester pack is a good idea as buying fragrance online as hit obvious drawbacks πŸ™‚

    Posted 6.24.14
  7. I agree! Its so hard when most organic/natural retailers are online as you won't know what it smells like! x

    Posted 6.24.14
  8. Oooh our Smarties are different to your Smarties! Our Smarties are little chocolate – similar to M&M's! American Smarties are more like sweet though aren't they? I remember seeing them in Atlanta when I vistited over Christmas. Palma Violets are much smaller than that though – around the same size as an M&M haha! All getting very sweetie over here… xx

    Posted 6.24.14
  9. Yes its a great way to sample all the scents! They've all got the same sort of base smell to me but slightly vary in scent being some are more sweet whereas others are more floral! x

    Posted 6.24.14
  10. I think I'm going to buy Amber Vanilla when it comes back in stock! I agree, they could last longer but being all natural & organic I don't think they were that bad…around 5/6 hours for me x

    Posted 6.24.14
  11. Yes I like Jardin de The too! The samples for 50p each are such a bargain I think! x

    Posted 6.24.14
  12. Haha no need this perfume then!! I'll bring it with me to the Field Trip Tour if I remember. All of you will probably be like THAT SMELLS NOTHING LIKE PALMA VIOLETS haha! But it does to me!

    Posted 6.24.14
  13. Thank you for this post Amber! I've started looking for a natural perfume too, but like you say, most are online and therefore unsmellable! Those sample you show look a great idea. Leanne x
    P.S I found Pacifica in a store and began smelling them, but to my nose they smelled like room plug-ins πŸ™

    Posted 6.25.14
  14. You're welcome Leanne! I'd recommend trying out the samples – they do them on MyPure for 50p each so if you're placing an order its well worth adding them on πŸ™‚ Oh no, thats not good!

    Posted 6.25.14
  15. I've never tried any natural fragrances, but this one does sound lovely xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

    Posted 6.27.14