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When I met the lovely ladies at Botanical Brands, they kindly gave me Pulpe de Vie’s Kiss Me Glossy Lip Balm* to try out along with the Living Nature lipstick (review) and a sample sachet of their Sweet Frappe Mask & Face Scrub*.

Pulpe de Vie are a small French company based in Provence who use local suppliers and resources for their natural products. 100% of their products are made in France and everything from their fruits, oils, packaging & production is French. All of their products contain between 50% and 94% organic ingredients and are certified by ECOCERT. They do not contain PEG, silicone of phenoxyethanol, nor are their products tested on animals.

First of all, I absolutely adore the packaging of all these products. It’s so bright & colourful and you can tell that fruit plays a huge part in the ingredients from this brand.

The Kiss Me Glossy Lip Balm* was the first product I tried from the brand and I am very impressed. It’s essentially a lip gloss with moisturising properties and contains 15% prickly pear oil and acacia honey. The moisturising ingredients include olive phyto-squalane, beeswax, sunflowers and castor oils and Vitamin E. All of the ingredients are 100% natural, of which 93.8% are organic so this is packed full of ingredients that are truly good for you. It has a rose-pink tint to it which looks gorgeous on its own but it also goes really well with lipsticks underneath. It has a gorgeous sheen to it and has fine glitter too so it looks really pretty in the day or night, without looking over the top. Oh, it smells absolutely gorgeous too! My only qualm with this is that with the packaging, its like a lip gloss tube but where the hole has been cut in the top, it hasn’t been cut properly and has a bit of plastic sticking up and it scratches my lips when I apply. I’m sure this will probably just be mine that has done this though!

The Sweet Frappe Mask & Face Scrub* is a two-in-one product which is always a bonus as who doesn’t love a multi-purpose product? It is packed with vitamins and pink grapefruit peel to repair and exfoliate the skin. It contains 20% grapefruit oil, 13% cucumber extract, apricot kernels and acacia honey. It has 99.8% natural ingredients, of which 94% are organic. It smells so fresh, as if you had just made it yourself and the way it works is really quite clever. Step 1: Rub onto dry, clean skin and leave for 5 minutes. Step 2: Exfoliate, massage gently to cleanse and remove dead skin cells. Step 3: Add water; this turns the masks into an easy to rinse off milk! Clever ey?

I really enjoyed using this product. It went on smoothly, it was a sticky gel sort of texture with the small apricot kernel beads that very gently exfoliated my skin. It smelt so lovely – it wasn’t as strong as I was expecting but none-the-less it was just right; very fresh! I washed my hands after step two (scrub) and used the water on my hands to turn the mask into a milky cleanser. I took photos whilst using the cleanser so you can see the difference! The only issue I have with this is that its a sticky gel which means that not all of it sticks to your face so I washed quite a bit of the product off my hands & down the drain which is rather annoying however as it is a gel, not a lot is needed so I think a tube would last you a good 6 months or so with weekly use!

Step 1 – Mask. Step 2 – Scrub. 

 Step 3 – Add water, cleanse & rinse!
Please excuse my nakedness, I had just had a shower and my towel fell down whilst massaging my face but I had the product on my hands so couldn’t pick it back up!

I was also recently sent some sample sachets of their Luscious Glow Shimmering Body Milk* and with the lovely weather we had been having a couple of weeks back (bar the rain!), I tried it out and I love it. It smells gorgeous, much like all the products from the brand and it gives a lovely shimmer. I used it on my arms whilst I was gardening and it just looked lovely. This would look so nice if you were going out at night on a Summery evening – I might even take my last sample sachet to Amsterdam with me for when Paul & I go out for dinner at the end of the month! 

You can check out the brand website here and buy here from Botanical Brands. Next on my wishlist is the Shake Me Baby Cleansing Water, it sounds lovely!

Have you tried Pulpe de Vie? What are your thoughts?


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  1. Nice review! Really like Pulpe de Vie. I know it since a while…and was super happy to see some products retailing outside France.x

    Posted 6.5.14
  2. Oh the packaging is so cute!! X

    Posted 6.5.14
  3. Ru Chan wrote:

    The gloss looks so pretty! I love gel exfoliators, they always remind me of a strawberry pudding or something! xx

    Posted 6.5.14
  4. That gloss looks so good! Such a beautiful color!

    Posted 6.5.14
  5. I loved the shimmering body milk it smelled gorgeous! x

    Posted 6.5.14
  6. Thanks! It's great to find brands from other countries I love it πŸ™‚

    Posted 6.5.14
  7. Cute isn't it! x

    Posted 6.5.14
  8. It is a really pretty shade! Oooh yum that sounds delish πŸ˜‰ x

    Posted 6.5.14
  9. It is lovelyyyyyy πŸ™‚ I'll wear it in a video soon so you can see it on πŸ™‚

    Posted 6.5.14
  10. Ooh yes I love the scent! I got burnt that day boo πŸ™ x

    Posted 6.5.14
  11. the colour of the lip gloss is so pretty! Love the bright packaging too πŸ™‚ x

    Posted 6.8.14
  12. Lovely review Amber, I really must get around to trying out Pulpe de Vie, the products look gorgeous x

    Posted 6.9.14
  13. Its lovely isn't it! The packaging is just so eye-catching I love it πŸ™‚ x

    Posted 6.9.14
  14. Thanks Annie! They are lovely, I'd highly recommend them! x

    Posted 6.9.14
  15. I just started following this company on Twitter a couple of weeks ago but hadn't got around to investigating their products. Looks good from your blog post & lovely pictures πŸ™‚

    Posted 6.9.14
  16. They only tweet in French though…I can't understand haha! Thank you πŸ™‚

    Posted 6.14.14