Field Trip Tour – The Big Day!

So you will probably all know that on Saturday I went to London to meet up with some lovely other bloggers and we had a tour around London of all the green beauty shops! The Field Trip Tour was organised by the lovely Mayah & Sabrina of Call it Vanity & I just want to start off by saying a huge thank you to those two girls because it was an amazing day!!

It was soooo lovely to meet all of you girls that came on the day and I had such a fun time spending my money on green beauty products & chatting away to all the girls and it was just awesome! I’ve made a video of the day and you can see what I bought by watching the video too!

Sorry there are no photos…the only picture I took was of my pizza in Whole Foods haha! 

Group B started off at BeautyMart which is in Shoreditch Box Park so I hopped on my delayed train from Northampton to London Euston and got the Underground to Old Street. I thought I was going to be the last one there as I was running late but I turned up and Liz was waiting with Sabrina and then Ana and Evelyn came and we headed to BeautyMart to meet Annabel & Katie. I was a bit gutted that they don’t sell Ilia anymore as that is what I wanted to buy from there. I was tempted by the Prtty Peauchun Body Lotion but I have about three shimmering body products at the minute so I resisted the temptation!

Next we visited Whole Foods in Kensington (the biggest of all Whole Foods, everywhere!!) where we had a browse around the huge beauty section & the yummy food section, we tried some chocolate & then headed upstairs to meet the girls for lunch! I had pepperoni pizza which was delicious and it was so much fun meeting the girls! I wish we had a bit longer to spend with Group A as I didn’t get to chat with everybody but it was nice to still meet everyone!

Then we headed over the road to Nature & Co which is a relatively new green boutique to hit the streets of London. It was a very lovely shop filled with green beauty products galore. I was super excited to visit this shop because they’re the only UK stockist of Alima Pure. Unfortunately the bronzer I wanted was out of stock so I couldn’t buy it on the day…on my wishlist it stays! Nature & Co was very relaxing and much bigger than the other shops so we were all browsing and the lovely lady offered us some tea and they even had a sale which was awesome! (Now unfortunately closed down)

We then headed to our last but probably most exciting stop of the day…Content Beauty & Wellbeing! I loved this shop, it was pretty small with all of us in there and it was SO hot but it was so exciting I didn’t really care! I remember one of my first purchases when I went green was from Content online & it was the Vapour Cream Bronzer so I was so excited to be able to visit the actual shop! They had the Ilia products that I wanted to try along with Studio 78 and loads of skincare products! We also got a goody bag from the lovely ladies there so I was so chuffed going through it afterwards! You’ll have to watch my video to see what we were given…

Thank you once again to all the shops for letting us loose in your shops and for the discounts & especially to Content for the goody bags! Also a huge thank you to Mayah & Sabrina for an awesome day!!

It was so lovely to meet you all, I want to do it all over again!!


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  1. Jen Morris wrote:

    Content was just the best place. I had an amazing day and have loved re-living it through reading everyone's posts and writing my own! x

    Posted 7.15.14
  2. It was awesome wasn't it! So much stuff! It was so lovely to meet you Jen x

    Posted 7.15.14
  3. Amber! Where is my Air Con!

    Posted 7.15.14
  4. Gutted i wasn't around for this one and I've realised I'm in new york for the next one in oct! So hope i can meet you another time soon πŸ™‚ sounds like you had a great time xx

    Posted 7.15.14
  5. Haha! Wasn't it just sooooo nice down in Pret! Ahhhh was so lovely to sit & chill with you Liz πŸ™‚ xxx

    Posted 7.16.14
  6. Ahh well New York…thats amazing! There'll definitely be more now that we've all met we all want to do it again and agai haha! πŸ™‚ x

    Posted 7.16.14
  7. Loved watching your video! Was a pleasure to meet you Amber, can't wait for the next one! xx

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    Posted 7.17.14