Indie Lee Vanilla Citrus Moisturizing Oil

A while ago you will have seen on Twitter/Instagram/my blog that I won Indie Lee‘s #SimplySecondNature competition. The prize was $1,000 worth of Indie Lee’s products. How amazing is that?! I freaking won! I posted about my first order (of four!) here if you want to check out what I treated myself to. 

After trying out some new products and loving some of my old favourites I thought I would write up a review on one of my favourite products that I chose from Indie’s range.  I featured the Vanilla Citrus Moisturising Oil in my May Favourites (video) which was literally about two weeks after I received my parcel in the post which just goes to show it was love at first sight try! 

Indie Lee Vanilla Citrus Moisturising Body Oil

It smells absolutely divine and I love using this as not only a body moisturiser but also as a facial oil cleanser. I’m not really into foaming washes, I much prefer balms & oils for my face as it just feels so much more luxurious and nourishing on my skin. This is one of my favourite oil cleansers as it just smells lovely, glides over my skin and takes off my make-up effortlessly. The mix of jojoba and apricot oils help to moisturise my skin without it feeling greasy, oily or causing me any breakouts. I’ve not tried jojoba oil on its own but I have heard its one of the best for oily skin like mine. It doesn’t sting on your eyes either which is great as you only need one product for everything! I use a hot flannel to remove it and it doesn’t leave any residue but just gives me skin a lovely glow.

Using it on my body on warm summery days just leaves my skin glowing and feeling so moisturised but not greasy in the slightest. Its so lightweight and it just sinks into my skin and the scent stays on almost all day which as I love as its so refreshing yet calming at the same time. I am absolutely head over heels in love with the scent of this…I wish I could do a Willy Wonka and have the scent pop through your screen right now…ah well! You just have to trust me that it smells SO GOOD! 

I know it looks like I haven’t used an awful lot but I’m trying to savour it as much as I can! I only need one pump to do my whole facial cleansing routine and even that’s too much. I use two pumps to do my legs so you really don’t need a lot at all.

I will definitely be adding a few of these to my basket next time I order from Indie Lee & may even have a couple of bits to giveaway to you lovely lot….HEY! You didn’t think I was going to keep it ALL to myself did you? 😉 Stay tuned!

If you’re in the US you can get it from Indie Lee online however its available just yet in the UK but more of Indie’s products are available on A Beautiful World.


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  1. It sounds absolutely amazing and what a great scent combination – vanilla citrus – sign me up! :o) Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

    Posted 7.25.14
  2. This sounds gorgeous! I hope ABW brings this to us! x

    Posted 7.25.14
  3. Caitie wrote:

    Vanilla and citrus is one of my favorite scent combinations and this sounds like a gorgeous blend. I'm a recent convert to body oils (not sure why it took me so long to get on board!) and now I just want to get my hands on ALL OF THEM. This is definitely going on the list 🙂

    Posted 7.25.14
  4. Ana wrote:

    I WANT this sooo bad! Xx

    Posted 7.25.14
  5. Ru-chan wrote:

    Yay to giveaway! (if you're doing international, that is) Vanilla citrus sounds yummy, I think it's awesome that you can double it as a face cleanser. xo

    Posted 7.26.14
  6. Oh wow this sounds awesome Amber. Love the sound of the scent – I have to get this! x

    Posted 7.26.14
  7. It is gorgeous and it smells SO good! x

    Posted 7.26.14
  8. Me too! I definitely want this in the UK so I can buy it after I've used all my prize up! Going to buy a few back-ups I think just in case haha x

    Posted 7.26.14
  9. The scent is so good! Ahh I love body oils, I'd definitely recommend this to buy first on your list 😉 x

    Posted 7.26.14
  10. Ahh Ana its so lovely, I think you'd love it! x

    Posted 7.26.14
  11. Haha yay! I think I will do international depending on the prize! Its great as a face cleanser because of the jojoba in it 🙂 x

    Posted 7.26.14
  12. It's so lovely Annie! Hopefully A Beautiful World will bring it to the UK 🙂 x

    Posted 7.26.14
  13. Inga Za wrote:

    Nice! Vanilla citrus sounds like an amazing combination 🙂

    Posted 7.28.14