Living Nature Thickening Mascara Review

I’ve recently been using the Living Nature Thickening Mascara after my Avril mascara ran out. I have been using Living Nature’s foundation & I love their lipstick that I have so I thought I’d try more from their brand. 

After reading the reviews on MyPure, I decided to go for the Thickening Mascara in Jet Black. They also do one in Blackened Brown but I like to go for more dramatic eyes so for me, the darker the better! The mascara contains halloysite clay to thicken lashes for impact without clumps or chemicals. It won highly acclaimed mascara in the 2010 & 2008 editions of the Green Beauty Bible so I had high expectations for this mascara.

Living Nature Thickening Mascara Review

First of all, I wouldn’t call this a “thickening” mascara, it’s more lengthening. I already have long lashes so when I buy mascaras, I look for volume rather than length. This does add some thickness but for me, not enough to be called “thickening”. It does add length which is great and my lashes do look nice. I curl my lashes in the morning and this mascara keeps them pretty curled throughout the day. That’s one of my pet peeves about mascaras when you end up with flat or sticky-out lashes.

Living Nature Thickening Mascara Review
One coat on left eye. Bottom & top lashes. Right eyelashes curled

Left eye mascara. Right eye no mascara. Lashes curled.

The trouble is it does flake sometimes. The more layers you put on the more likely it is to flake so I almost always stick to just one coat which is a shame as it gets slightly thicker when you put two on. Paul & I went to Amsterdam and went on a pedal boat down the canals and I had my glasses on. The mascara was flaking around my eyes and went into my eyes and it just made me really annoyed as I was trying to pedal this stupid boat thing and let’s just say I think Paul was so close to chucking me in the canals! Paul told me when we got off the boat that it had flaked all around my eyes or in his words “You’ve got black bits all over your face, you need to write a bad review on that!” haha! So there’s some lovely blogging advice from the boyfriend…

Living Nature Thickening Mascara Review
One coat on each eye

However, the ingredients in this mascara sound more like a skincare product than a mascara and I think this has helped to condition and nourish my lashes. After using this for a good few weeks, I’ve noticed that my lashes do look thicker! I don’t know if its just me getting used to applying the mascara in a better way or what but I think I do have thicker lashes! (Please note; this mascara is not one that claims to “thicken” your lashes, that’s just the description of it, being thick vs length.) However, due to the nourishing ingredients including manuka honey, vitamin E, beeswax & castor oil, I think this has actually helped my lashes to become thicker naturally. As far as the mascara goes, its still pretty difficult to get much volume, its definitely more of a lengthening product but my lashes are thicker now than a month ago. I can tell when I apply the mascara as I’m much more happier wearing it now than I was when I first started. At first, I wasn’t that bothered by it, just a sort of “meh” product, now I do like it but I probably wouldn’t repurchase because I prefer a more volumised look rather than length!

Living Nature Thickening Mascara Review
Two coats on each eye which does look nice…but I think its more lengthening than thickening…what do you all think?!

You can get it from MyPure for £21.00.

Have you tried anything from Living Nature?


I won a voucher on MyPure’s competition on Facebook which I used to buy this mascara. All opinions are 100% honest and my own. None of the links are affiliate. 

Ingredients: Aqua (water), Ricinus communis oil (castor oil), Kaolin (halloysite clay), Cellulose, Cetearyl wheatstraw glycosides (&) cetearyl alcohol (wheatstraw extract), Candelilla cera (candelilla wax), Cera canauba (canauba wax), Jojoba esters, Mel (manuka honey), Cera alba (beeswax), Sclerotlum gum, Citrus grandis seed extracts (grapefruit seed extract), Lavandula angustifolia oil (lavender oil), Tocopherol (Vitamin E), Leptospermum scoparium oil (manuka oil). [May contain: Iron oxides (Cl 77491, Cl77499)].

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  1. Hmm… I'm not convinced… in the first couple of pictures I didn't realise you only had it on one eye, so it doesn't make that much of a dramatic difference… For £21 you would expect it to be perfect. At least you got to try it out and find out for yourself and you ended up kind of liking it 🙂
    Rach xx

    Posted 7.16.14
  2. I know when I was going through my photos for the post I was getting so confused haha! For £21 I expected much more, I like it with two coats but then it flakes 🙁 xx

    Posted 7.16.14
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I have recently been using this mascara and I quite like it 🙂 Although I only use one coat and that's fine with me. Nice to see your thoughts though xx

    Posted 7.16.14
  4. Agreed- your lashes def looked longer, not that much thicker, but longer for sure! Very lovely— I have the hardest time finding decent natural mascaras. Usually they don't do what I'd like them to do- like plump, curl, and lengthen all at the same time! :0) Great post! – Kathryne

    Posted 7.16.14
  5. Ru Chan wrote:

    I hate flaking but it does seem to give you very long lashes! I usually prefer volume too, well, you know Asian lashes need them! :p

    Posted 7.16.14
  6. Tammy wrote:

    Does look good with two coats on, but overall it does not sound appealing enough for the price, you could get a similar look + conditioning effect from Jane Iredale and that one did not flake on me xx

    Posted 7.16.14
  7. I do like it I just think for a "thickening" mascara it should be more thickening haha 🙂 x

    Posted 7.17.14
  8. Haha that's what I want, one that does all three!! Better keep looking… 🙂 xx

    Posted 7.17.14
  9. Haha yes it does make mine long but I much prefer volume too 🙂 x

    Posted 7.17.14
  10. I'll pop that one on my wishlist! Definitely would expect more for the price x

    Posted 7.17.14
  11. Ooh I've never heard of this brand before but I'm pretty intrigued! Great, detailed review. I just reviewed Makeup Revolution's mascara on my blog recently…great if you're looking for a budget's only £2!! Danielle x

    frontière girl

    Posted 7.20.14
  12. Thank you! I only use natural and organic products but thanks for the recommendation x

    Posted 7.22.14