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I’d been uhmming and ahhing about going to the LNLO show for a few weeks as I just got back from Amsterdam on Thursday & its the Field Trip Tour Green Blogger Meet on Saturday so I knew money would be tight. However, my three sisters & I all jumped in the car and drove down to London on Sunday morning and my sister Mia & I visited the show whilst my other two sisters did some shopping. Tickets were free and we drove in Ella’s car so the bakery paid for petrol….bargain! 😉

I’m SO glad I went now as I got to meet the lovely Katie (Katie Vibes), Mayah (Call it Vanity) and Tania (Bow Tied Beauty) and we had a lovely time wandering round eating all the food samples and I was so thrilled to be able to meet some brand owners too!
I only bought a couple of bits and spend around £15 so I am very proud. I was given a few samples too so I thought I’d share with you what I got!

Bee Inspired Gift Set – My first stop was at the Bee Inspired stand where I met Alison & we got chatting away about their products & how she keeps bees and it was so interesting as you should all know by now that I love my bees! She kindly offered me a product to review for my blog & the gift set seemed perfect as its a trio of products – a lip balm, face cream & a cute lemongrass scented soap so that way I get to try a few bits from her brand! Ana has previously reviewed a couple of her products too here

Potion Shop Cleanser – I thought their packaging looked so cool which is what drew me to this brand at first (I’m such a packaging sucker!) and I tried out a couple of their products on my hand & they seemed really nice. As it was the last day of the show they had a great offer that I couldn’t resist. Their cleanser was reduced to just £5.00 from £28.00! Its an oil based cleanser and it just sounded and smelt so lovely so I picked up one of those. Then I found out that this company don’t list all their ingredients on their website so I frantically checked the ingredients label and luckily for me the ingredients are okay in the cleanser (I think, can someone double check for me please?! Probably not so keen on the glycerine being so high up but everything else seems ok) but others are not so good so do ask for ingredients lists before if you’re planning on buying from them.

Bathing Beauty Foot Reviving Tablet – I saw that Sarah had bought one of these foot soaks and for just £2.40 I couldn’t resist picking one up! I’ll definitely be treating my feet to this after lots of walking round in Amsterdam and then the show on Sunday!

Scott Farms Sweet Potato Crisps – These tasted SO good. They’re just sweet potatoes, fried (I think?) in sunflower oil and then they add a little bit of sea salt & they are just so scrummy!

Conscious Organic Raw Chocolate – Was I ever going to come home without chocolate? Nope! I love it. Dark chocolate is my favourite but I do love flavoured ones so I picked up Orange, Cherry & Mia chose a Goji & Coconut flavour. They also had one called “Love Potion” which I tried before realising it had Rose Essential Oil in it….BLEURGH it tasted like my NYR Rose Toner haha! These were £2 each or 3 for £5!

Lyonsleaf Samples – I visited the Lyonsleaf stand as I’d seen their balms reviewed on so many blogs and I’ve been wanting to try them out for a while. They won Silver for their Beauty Balm in the Free From Skincare Awards on Friday which beat the Neal’s Yard Remedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm which is amazing! Especially as WRBB costs £37.00 and Lyonsleaf costs £12.95…I picked up a pack of their samples so I’m looking forward to trying those out!

Odylique (by Essential Care) Samples – I visited the Odylique stand as I have been trying out their Tea Tree & Herb Shampoo for a while now and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t for me. So I explained this to the girls & they offered me some advice (massage it into the scalp more & leave it on for longer – will be trying this from now on, thanks girlies!) and they also gave me a couple of samples to try – their Coconut Candy Scrub which just sounds divine and their Gentle Herb Shampoo as I know that Sarah raves about it!! I’ll keep you all updated how I get on with them!

Unica Radiance Plus Face Cream Sample – I’d never heard of this brand before so I’m looking forward to trying this moisturiser. They had a deodorant which smelt so good too! 

Green People Sun Lotion Sample – I visited the Green People stand & they kindly gave us a sample of their sun cream which apparently has a tan accelerator in it. I only just got back from my holiday but I’m sure we’ll (hopefully!) be having more warm weather this summer so I’m looking forward to trying this out. I also very coincidentally got an e-mail from the lovely peeps at Green People & I’ll be trying out a couple of their products soon so keep an eye out for a review of those!

Greenscents Cleaning Products – I didn’t get a sample or anything from this brand but I thought I would just give them a mention as I like helping small family businesses! They are the only natural cleaning product brand to be certified as Organic by the Soil Association! I thought that was just brilliant and their products smell great! They have citrus, mint & lavender and quite a variety of products so I’d love if you check them out!

I hope you enjoyed reading about my trip to Love Natural Love Organic!


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  1. Ack I wish I had picked up a sample set from Lyons Leaf! I reeeeeeaaaaallly want to try the Beauty Balm! I also have once of those foot tablets and boy do I need it after yesterday! It was so lovely to meet you 🙂 xx

    Posted 7.7.14
  2. Ahh I'm sure if you get in touch with them they wouldn't mind sending you some samples…Vicky was really lovely! I know I'm definitely going to use it sometimes this week before Saturday! So lovely to meet you too..see you on Saturday!!! xx

    Posted 7.7.14
  3. Greenscents are great, I've been using the Minty surface spray for a couple of years. Hooray for Bathing Beauty Foot Soak, you will enjoy that one. I will be interested to hear what you think about Unica as I have sampled some products a while back. How on earth did I miss those Sweet Potato crisps? those look right up my street, yummy

    Posted 7.7.14
  4. Ru Chan wrote:

    Omg I want the raw chocolate!

    Posted 7.7.14
  5. you got some great bits! Some I know and love & some newbies for me too! x

    Posted 7.7.14
  6. Tammy wrote:

    You managed to get quiet a few things 🙂 with pure potions cleanser everything seems fine. Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday xx

    Posted 7.7.14
  7. Great post! How restrained of you to only buy £15's worth! I think I spent about £40 plus about £20 on flipping food! just lunch and water throughout the day, grr!
    Rach xx

    Posted 7.7.14
  8. Helen wrote:

    The chocolate sounds delicious. I love Turkish delight because it's made with rose water so what's gross to you sounds bliss to me.


    Posted 7.7.14
  9. Anonymous wrote:

    The foot reviving tablet sounds interesting. The crisps sound lovely as does the chocolate! xxx
    The Jolly Fashionista

    Posted 7.16.14