My Trip to Amsterdam & Video

So I’m back from a lovely holiday in Amsterdam and I’ve finally got round to editing all the footage from my camera & I made a video..its pretty long so I hope you don’t all fall to sleep but I thought I’d do a post about some of the things we enjoyed the most!

Anne Frank House – I booked tickets to go on the day we got there at 7pm and so we watched the football by the canal at 6pm and headed to Anne Frank House at half time…we finally arrived after getting lost along the canals! We went straight in and skipped the long queue and it was such an amazing and interesting place to visit. It was much bigger than I expected it to be although I can still imagine how hard it would be to live there in secret with 8 other people! I have read about half of the book so I sort of knew what to expect but Paul hadn’t ever read it and his parents didn’t even know anything about it so he was really interested in it all and read every single detail at the museum and I’m so glad we visited. I bought my Mum a book with a guide of the house as she loved reading the book but didn’t get a chance to visit when she went to Amsterdam years ago.

House of Bols – Liz from Well Meaning Being recommended that we visited here (thanks Liz!) and I’m so glad she did because it was awesome. It was all about the Bols family liquor and it was created by Lucas Bols many many years ago. It was a sort of “taste/smell” experience and there were loads of different flavour liquors and you had to guess what the flavour was without looking at the name. Paul & I had a competition and each guessed one at a time..I won yay! We then got a cocktail of our choice each along with two shots of the liquor. I chose a Vanilla Berry Crush which was lovely and Paul had a Ginger Beer cocktail. After the two shots we were feeling a little bit lightheaded haha! I bought one of the jar glasses that Paul’s cocktail is in as I thought it was so cool and at the airport I bought some duty free Bols Genever!

 Here’s the recipe for my cocktail:

15ml Bols Strawberry, 1 dash Bols Vanilla, 30ml Bols Genever, 3 lemon parts, 3 strawberries and 1 barspoon of cane sugar…delicious!

Sex Museum – Of course we had to visit the Sex Museum. I couldn’t not, we were in Amsterdam after all! It was very cringey but there were some rather funny bits in there too. Paul & I were cracking up at the “porn” from the 1680’s – who knew?! 

Rijksmuseum – We visited the museum which was full of art from other museums and it was quite interesting but it was huge and I’m not really that into art. What I loved the most about this museum was just outside they have a beautiful garden area where we sat on our last day, sunbathing! It had a lovely water fountain that we jumped inside of & snapped some photos like little kids!

Hortus Botanicus – This was probably one of my favourite parts of the holiday. I hadn’t planned to go here becuase the reviews on Trip Adviser weren’t that great but I cannot for the life of me work out why. These gardens were so beautiful and relaxing. There were bees flying around all of the flowers and at first, Paul wasn’t that into it and we were both tired from walking everywhere in Amsterdam and I made it a last minute decision to visit the gardens on our second to last day but when we got there, it was so relaxing and Paul loved it too. We sat in the gardens for a good few hours in the sun and I took lots of videos of the bees & butterflies as you can see in my video! If you’re just interested in seeing that in my video skip to 12:14.

De Kas Restaurant – I came across this restaurant in a few places. The B&B we stayed in recommended it and I also saw it on “organic restaurants” on Trip Adviser. It was pretty pricey at 50 euros each for a three course meal but everything was delicious. I wasn’t sure if I would like it as I’m really fussy but I enjoyed it all, apart from the mackerel for starter I let Paul munch on that! I didn’t take any photos of the starters but we had three small size starters. One was a glass with different beans in it and mushrooms with flower petals on the top & a lovely sauce, then a shrimp & mackerel plate and then another one with something else fancy on I can’t remember. Then for main we had lamb with beetroot & potatoes then saving the best til last was “Chocolate Nemesis” which was a delicious rich chocolate fudge type brownie with BASIL ice cream..yes basil. Very strange but nice at the same time and then some red berries. YUM.
De Kas means Greenhouse in Dutch and they grow all of their own vegetables in their greenhouse that’s joined onto the restaurant which looks like a giant greenhouse itself!

So those are some highlights from my holiday…I hope you enjoyed reading and thank you if you sat through the whole 22 minutes of the video haha!


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  1. Looks like you had a great time! The food looks amazing! x

    Posted 7.18.14
  2. Ru Chan wrote:

    Looks like you had an awesome trip! I'd love to visit Anne Frank since I've read the book. One day, I will travel to EU!

    Posted 7.18.14
  3. It was lots of fun! The food was sooooo good, expensive but worth it! 🙂 x

    Posted 7.19.14
  4. It was a very interesting and emotional experience at the Anne Frank house! Yay come to England Ru! x

    Posted 7.19.14
  5. Gem Bolton wrote:

    So pleased you had such a great time Amber, it seems you really varied it up! I love such a trip and Amsterdam is just stunning. X

    Posted 7.19.14
  6. Ana wrote:

    Loved the video and glad you had fun 🙂 Xx

    Posted 7.20.14