The All Natural Face & iHerb Haul!

As you have probably all seen in my YouTube videos, judging from the giant stash of green products in the background, I have enough to last me a good year or so. However, there are times when offers come along or new websites that you find that just have things for sale that you want need. Soooo I’ve been spending my money on beauty products…whoops! I was actually so good in May and didn’t buy any beauty products (proud!) but there were a few great bargains & products I had my eye on in June…plus I did get a teeny pay rise (thanks Mum!) so it’s all good….right?

I bought a few bits from The All Natural Face and I placed TWO iHerb orders…two you ask?! Read (or watch!) on to find out why…

The All Natural Face

A couple of weeks ago I was having a natter on Twitter with Amber (Natural Beauty) and Katie (Katie Vibes) about The All Natural Face & their Face Food cleansers which just sounded lovely. I first heard about TANF from Rachel (All Natural Aspirations) and had been tempted a few times but held back as I was being good and not spending. However, the Face Food cleansers sounded too good….Strawberries & Cream erm yes please! It was actually really funny as Amber placed an order too and we ordered the three of the EXACT same products..colours & everything…how freaky!

Strawberries & Cream Face Food Facial Wash – Sorry (not sorry!) but how could you not order this…it sounds delicious! Strawberries & Cream mmmm. I sell cupcakes in my shop in this flavour & they’re my favourite so how could I resist putting this on my face? It contains pure dried strawberries and coconut milk – that’s all! Strawberries are meant to be good for all skin types but especially oily as they contain salicylic acid and help to heal blemishes. Upon opening, it smells more like coconut than strawberry but its still lovely and once its mixed with water the scent of the strawberries comes out more. At first I didn’t know how much water to add & put way too much in a bowl. So then I just added a couple of drops of water to the lid & mixed in  two scoops of powder. When I applied it to my face it MELTS into like a creamy oil/balm. Its so lovely! I’ll definitely be doing a full review of this when I’ve tried it more!

Ingredients: Dried Strawberries, Coconut Milk

Vegan Eyeshadow Primer for Oily Lids – I have super oily lids and eyeshadow NEVER STAYS, no matter what! I can use a primer, then powder and then the eyeshadow over the top and it still just creases big time so I bought this primer to see if it helps anything stay put. I’ve tried it a few times and it definitely helps with building up the colour & my eyeshadows blend really well. However so far, my eyeshadows have still creased. I’ll keep you posted as I want to try some more eyeshadows with it to see which eyeshadows crease the least and try it with a setting powder as Amber recommended that!

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Candelilia Wax, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Boron Nitride, Oxides

Vegan Matte Cream Blush in “Peachy Rose”  – I have only got one natural blusher so of course this made its way into my basket. I have a cream blusher in my stash at the minute but its from MAC so I’d like to find a natural alternative and although I have blemish prone skin, I don’t actually have shiny skin so I much prefer dewy finish liquid foundations with cream blushes – especially in summer! This shade is a deepish orangey red and it blends out lovely (see picture below). I haven’t tried it on my cheeks yet.

Ingredients: Organic Jojoba Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Candelilia Wax, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Boron Nitride, Oxides

Diva Stix Lip Crayon in “Bubblegum” – I always love a nice lippie, I’m a huge fan of lip crayons/pencils and this pinky shade really stood out to me. It was only $3.88 too! I expected it to be a little softer as you’re applying to lips but the colour is gorgeous. It looks much paler on my lips though and is definitely a shade I’ll have to wear lipgloss over the top with as it just looks too pale on me. 

I also got a free mini sample of one of their eyeshadows in the colour “Creme Brule” which is a pretty nude shade.

If you want to try out The All Natural Face you can get 10% discount when use this link (here).

iHerb Order Number 1

I recently watched Jess from Ecoholic Beauty’s video of her May Favourites and a couple of the products that she mentioned really took my fancy. I received $5 off as I went through Jess’ link & it was my first order! You can click my link at the bottom to get $5 or $10 off your order too. 

EcoTools EcoPouf Dual Cleansing Pad – I tried to see if I could buy this in the UK but the only place I could find it was eBay for £9; on iHerb it cost me $3.99 – bargain! One side is like a normal spongey loofah & the other side is a coarse flat side to exfoliate the skin. I’ve used this a couple of times and I do like it but as one side is hard, it makes it quite hard to manouvre around your body but I do love the exfoliating side!

The second item that Jess mentioned in her May Favourites video was the Earth Therapeutics, Terry Covered Bath Relaxation Pillow. Now, I’m not really a bath kinda person…I have them every now and then but I don’t find them very relaxing. They’re either too hot or too cold, not full enough, then I get too hot or too cold and if I get way too hot then I start to feel all sweaty & like I’m going to faint so I just prefer not to have them that often. I thought I’d try this to make my bath more relaxing. I know it’s only a pillow but I hate getting in the bath if I don’t need to wash my hair because I don’t want to wash it in a bath, so I’m hoping this will simply help my hair stay dry! This was only $5.39. And it came with a free little mosquito inside the packaging haha how lovely…

I had wanted to try Pacifica Length & Strength Supernova Mascara since Paula from Naturally Paula mentioned it on her blog but in the UK it costs £15 whereas in the US its only $14 which is around £8. Even though I already have a couple of mascaras open at the minute, I’m not loving them so I’ll use them up and give this a go after! I do think the packaging is a little bit misleading though as the mascara is like three quarters the size of the huge box! Waste of packaging too I think…

I also decided to try out the Desert Essence Lemon Tea Tree Shampoo as it claims to be clarifying and I’ve used their Red Raspberry one before and liked it so I’m hoping this will be good for my greasy scalp! It was also reduced from $8.99 to $6.05 so it only cost around £3.50! 

All in all this whole order cost me just over $28 including shipping (I had $5 off as it was my first order with Jess’s link) which was around £17 which was the ultimate bargain shop….or will order number 2 be… 

iHerb Order Number 2

Literally the day after I placed this order I received an email from iHerb saying Aubrey Organics Shampoos & Conditioners are only $1! I was really tempted but held off until a few days later when I downloaded the iHerb app. Whoops – don’t do that if you’re not willing to face the consequences! They have a whole section with “trial” prices that I spent ages browsing through! And hey….$1!!! That’s less than £1…that’s less than freaking any natural shampoo EVER! That’s even less than most normal shampoos! I couldn’t not place an order, especially when the reviews were really good too. 

I ended up buying two of the $1 shampoos. Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo & Aubrey Organics GPB Balancing Protein Shampoo went straight into my basket followed by a $1 Tea Infuser. I have a few teas that need a strainer for, so for $1 it had to make its way into my basket too. I took the Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo to Amsterdam – not my holy grail shampoo & it was quite runny but it foamed well so I’ll keep trying it out to see how I get on with it! I think my hair will be more suited to the Balancing one though!

I then spotted some supplements that were on trial price and I’d recently read Annabel’s post on her blog Fragmented Splendour about supplements & she said Spirulina was helping out her skin so decided to pop some Healthy Origins Organic Spirulina Tablets into my basket at $2.09 instead of $2.98. 

After a good 20 minutes browsing the trial price section, I stumbled upon Hugo & Debra Naturals Vanilla & Sweet Orange Essential Mist that can be used as a refreshing toning mist for your face, a spray for your clothes to make them smell sweet or simply as a perfume! This was only $2.16 which I think is a great price!

My whole second order should have cost $20.31 however with my discount of $13.06 and the postage to UK only costing $4 (not tracked)…my whole order cost $11.25 which was about £7. So I got two natural & organic shampoos, a tea strainer, Spirulina Tablets & an Essential Oils mist for £7. £7!!!!!! Bloody bargain that!

Katie (Katie Vibes) also wrote this great post about whether to choose iHerb or Vitacost if you’re in the UK which was really helpful for first-time buying! 

Check out iHerb for great discounts – you can get $5 or $10 off your first order with my code FVQ271. (I make a small percentage off your order which you can then make when you get your iHerb rewards code too). 

If you want to try out The All Natural Face you can get 10% discount when use this link (here).

I hope you enjoyed reading my haul post! 


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  1. Ru Chan wrote:

    Argh, every time I see swatches of TANF I wanna buy again! I'm eyeing the cream blushes and eye pencils, thank to YOU! I have the face food too, and yes, how can you not buy strawberries & cream!?!? xx

    Posted 7.9.14
  2. Annabel wrote:

    I'm dying to make a TANF haul! I did many years ago so it's lovely to see how the brand has grown! I think I would choose the pineapple & cream face wash 😉 x

    Posted 7.9.14
  3. I love the color of this blush! Beyond gorgeous! I love watching your videos as well (:

    Posted 7.9.14
  4. Haha you're welcome Ru 😉 go & treat yourself… x

    Posted 7.10.14
  5. Ah that's so nice that they've been running for years & still going strong! Mmm pineapple that sounds lush! I imagine it would smell like a pina colada! x

    Posted 7.10.14
  6. I still haven't tried it yet!! I'm going to use it tonight haha. Aw thanks, glad you're enjoying them! x

    Posted 7.10.14