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I watched a video on Rachel’s channel, All Natural Aspirations about her make-up collection & storage a few months ago and she had many different brands of natural eyeshadows which I was really tempted by (Honeypie Minerals, Concrete Minerals). Then I came across a comment on my Living Nature post from the lovely Kath who told me about Concrete Minerals lip tints because they are carmine free so I decided to have a look!

Concrete Minerals are an American brand with a range of make-up from mineral eyeshadows, matte eyeshadows, lip tints, nail polishes and an eye primer too! Their eyeshadows are free from parabens and fillers like talc and bismuth oxychloride and are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

Whilst I was browsing their website I saw a link called ‘Beauty Bloggers’ and basically they do an offer where you can get four mineral eyeshadows for only $15 if you post a review about them. This was almost half price and the delivery was only $6 international so I chose my colours and waited for them to arrive! Oh the benefits of being a blogger.. πŸ˜‰

The website is really helpful because they have each of the colours and a model showing you what the colour looks like on the eyes which I think is great because then you can actually get an idea of what it will look like once it’s on your eyes.

I have been buying mainly nude shades recently as I like to go for brown smokey eyes but as I have hazel eyes the colour purple really suits me and I like to change it up a bit when I go out in the evenings with friends or Paul! I picked up the shades Wanderlust & Unity from the mineral eyeshadow collection and both are sparkly purples. Unity is a pale lilac shade whilst Wanderlust is on the dark end of the purple shades and perfect for the outer corner. As you can see from the swatches, they’re both beautifully pigmented and have just a slight hint of fine glitter which looks beautiful on the lid. I have super oily eyelids and whilst these do still crease, its not as bad as others I’ve tried.

Unity (left) Wanderlust (right)

You can never have too many nude shades in my opinion and my natural collection isn’t that big so I also picked up Doe-Eyed & Deviant. Doe-Eyed is a mostly matte deep brown with a tiny hint of bronze glitter and is absolutely gorgeous. I used this on Sunday in my outer corner and I loved it! Deviant is a more purple-toned brown which isn’t really what I was expecting from the shade on their website (see below). However having looked back on the website it is described as a warm plum purple with pink undertones and gold sparkle so I should have read the description really! It’s still a beautiful shade none the less I just wouldn’t pair these two together. 

Doe-Eyed (left) Deviant (right)
‘Deviant’ from CM website

I also bought one of their lip tints in the shade ‘Phantasm‘. It’s a beautiful pale coral shade that smells like peppermint – my favourite! This goes on so smoothly, doesn’t dry out my lips and looks lovely with a hint of shimmer! All of their lip tints are vegan which means no carmine (yay!) and only cost $6 – what a bargain!

You buy directly from their US site here and delivery for me cost $6 however it depends on the weight but it is great because of the Beauty Bloggers offer (you need to review them to get this). I wasn’t charged anything at customs however my total order only came to Β£17 so just be careful if you spend much more. You can also get them on CutECOsmetics too who are a UK based website with various different natural and organic brands!

Have you tried Concrete Minerals?


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  1. Paula Lynn wrote:

    I just placed my blogger box order last night! I only ordered the eye shadows as I have some other lip products en route from another brand. I was introduced to the brand by NBeautyJunkie on YouTube.

    Posted 8.11.14
  2. Its a great deal for bloggers isn't it?! Which shades did you go for? Will check out her video on CM to see which other colours I need πŸ˜‰

    Posted 8.11.14
  3. Oh wow the pigmentation is fantastic! Will be looking at their site later πŸ™‚ x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    Posted 8.11.14
  4. Ru Chan wrote:

    Ooh I was tempted too when I watched the video, but forgot about it very soon. I'm actually more interested in their tinted lip balms, how is it?

    Posted 8.11.14
  5. I perhaps need to go have a look at the lip colours, eyeshadow isn't my thing but the colours look lovely πŸ™‚

    Posted 8.12.14
  6. Thanks so much for mentioning/linking me Amber πŸ™‚ I LOVE concrete minerals, their colours and pigmentation are flawless yet they are very affordable… such a shame that we can't easily get hold of the lip tints here in the uk, they are amazing!
    Rach xx

    Posted 8.12.14
  7. Anonymous wrote:

    this sounds like a fantastic brand and the pigmentation looks so good! Thanks for sharing πŸ™‚ xx

    Posted 8.14.14
  8. :O:O:O Wanderlust is gorgeoussssssss!!! That lip product looks beautiful too. Can't wait to see what looks you come up with!

    Posted 8.18.14