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When I visited the Love Natural Love Organic show at the beginning of July, I met a lot of brand owners which was so much fun and one of them was the lovely Vicky of Lyonsleaf! Vicky runs Lyonsleaf with her husband Ben and I had read about their products on quite a few blogs – SarahLouiseEvelynSandra & Ana‘s so I already knew quite a bit about their products. I picked up a couple of samples to try and Vicky said she’d be in touch with me soon! I tweeted her a couple of days later to tell her how much I was loving the Beauty Balm and she kindly sent me a full size to review along with a full size of their Body Butter.

A little bit about Lyonsleaf before I start raving about their products..

Ben & Vicky Lyons run their natural skincare company from their smallholding in the Mendip hills. They grow all of their own produce such as vegetables and keep livestock but they also grow their own herbs! If you follow them on Twitter you’ll see photos of them growing their Calendula for their Calendula Cream along with other pictures of their land. After meeting them and reading through their ingredients lists and products on their website, you can tell how passionate they both are about their brand & providing truly natural yet effective natural skincare products. I was amazed at how natural their ingredients lists are and how thorough the descriptions of their products are on the website! They’ve gone to a lot of effort to show & prove that they are providing you with a natural product that is effective and actually works and I love that about this brand! I think a lot of people are jumping on the “natural bandwagon” purely because they can trick consumers and make some money but Lyonsleaf have truly ethical morals and they really do just want to make natural products because they know they work & because they’re better for your skin! Anyway..I’m rambling! Time for some product reviews…

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and Body Butter Review

The Beauty Balm won Silver at the Free From Skincare Awards which were presented at the LNLO show and it beat the Neal’s Yard Wild Rose Beauty Balm which is just incredible considering it is a third of the price! Congratulations Vicky, Ben & all at Lyonsleaf because that is a truly amazing achievement and after trying it out, I can see why you won!

I used up my sample pot in just a few days which for me is amazing as you all know I am a product hoarder and I haven’t done an Empties post since I started this blog over a year ago but it goes to show how amazing it is! Luckily for me, Vicky kindly sent me a full size Beauty Balm so I wasn’t without my new favourite cleanser for long…

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm* is a 58% organic and 100% natural balm that doesn’t contain any water which means there is no need for any preservatives. The main ingredient is Babassu Oil so whilst it isn’t certified as organic, the Babassu oil comes from nuts that are grown in the rainforest and are not subject to the use of chemicals so I’m going to go ahead and say that this is a 95% organic product! Other ingredients in the beauty balm are shea butter, macadamia nut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E oil and then the lovely peeps have made sure that this is suitable for all skin types including oily by including Clary Sage and Palmarosa essential oils which naturally balance sebum production. I was quite worried when I first started using it that the shea butter might be too heavy for my breakout-prone skin however when I read the rest of the label and saw Palmarosa & Clary Sage, I was a very happy bunny. I can 100% say that this hasn’t broken me out at all so if you have oily skin and think it might be too rich for you, think again & try it! It has actually been really soothing on those angry red under-the-skin spots that I get!

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and Body Butter Review

I use this as a cleanser as I love using the Oil Cleansing Method. Although I have combination blemish-prone skin, I much prefer to use oils and balms over foaming washes to cleanse my face. I use a small amount of this balm and rub it in between my fingers so it melts slightly then once applied to my face it melts into a lovely oil. After using this for just a few days the blackheads on my nose were significantly reduced and my face just felt smoother & looked much cleaner and brighter. I’ve found my new favourite cleanser! 

The scent comes from pure essential oils such as Clary Sage and Palmarosa and it has a herbal scent to it, but its not overpowering at all. There are no artificial colours or chemical preservatives, it is suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is not tested on animals. Since I received this a few weeks ago, I’ve almost used half of the jar! At £12.95 for a 60ml jar…its love!

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and Body Butter Review

Vicky also very kindly sent me a full size Body Butter* to try along with the Beauty Balm. The Body Butter is the same price as the Beauty Balm but you get a 110ml jar so it’s very good value. It is packed full of coconut oil, shea butter and avocado oil to moisturise dry skin. It is once again, 100% natural and the ingredients are 95% certified organic. The scent of this is mainly coconut which is great as I love the scent of coconut oil. I’m not actually keen on the taste of coconut or coconut water or anything that tastes like coconut however I love the smell! This is a highly moisturising and nourishing body butter that leaves your skin glowing! I used this on the morning of the Field Trip Tour and the night before after shaving my legs and it kept my skin flake free & with a lovely sheen to them. After shaving I usually get itchy, flaky skin on my legs however that was not the case with this body butter and my legs felt moisturised all day! 
Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and Body Butter Review

Lyonsleaf Beauty Balm and Body Butter Review

I would highly recommend you check out this brand, especially if you have eczema as they have a very loved Healing Calendula Cream which I can imagine is amazing and is meant to be great for Eczema, Psoriasis & Acne. I’m going to tell my Mum about it as she suffers with Psoriasis! I have my eye on their Hair Tamer and I will definitely be repurchasing the Beauty Balm when mine runs out which will probably be soon as I am loving it, have been using it every night since I received it and I’m half way through it already!

Thanks so much again to Vicky for sending me the products! 

What is your favourite product from Lyonsleaf?


*PR Samples. All reviews are my own & are 100% honest.

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  1. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow it looks and sounds great! Is this product available in Australia? Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    Lennae xxx

    Posted 8.4.14
  2. Thanks for the shout out. Lyonsleaf can do no wrong in my eyes, I have loved using all their products but the calendula cream is the overall winner for me because of the way it works on my eczema

    Posted 8.4.14
  3. They're amazing! They're a British brand so I doubt you can buy them in Australia but you might be able to ask them if they can ship to there?

    Posted 8.4.14
  4. No problem! Their products and ethos are just incredible! I can imagine it works a treat on eczema

    Posted 8.4.14
  5. Ha! You beat me to my Lyonsleaf post by a few days Amber but I agree with you what a fantastic brand and such lovely people. I am an instant convert to their products x

    Posted 8.4.14
  6. Haha ooh just beat you to it! They're so lovely I'll definitely be buying again and again! x

    Posted 8.4.14
  7. Nayzee wrote:

    That body butter looks so very nice with all those good oils!
    Renee x

    Posted 8.4.14
  8. Tamara B. wrote:

    Still haven't tried their samples, but now I feel very excited to do just that 🙂 xx

    Posted 8.4.14
  9. Jen Morris wrote:

    Argh, I really MUST get the beauty balm!! x

    Posted 8.5.14
  10. Chesca wrote:

    I've heard so many good things about this brand! LOVE the sound of the body butter, and the beauty balm sounds incredible too. Need to try these asap 🙂 x

    Posted 8.5.14
  11. Ana wrote:

    Thank you for the mention, to me Lyonsleaf is green beauty at it's best I love the products and the brand Xx

    Posted 8.6.14
  12. Jana D. wrote:

    The brand is on my wishlist! 🙂 xx

    Posted 8.6.14
  13. Wow this looks lovely! A must have for sure…

    Posted 8.13.14