Organic September Day 19: Small Changes

As part of Organic September, the Soil Association are running the campaign “Small Change, Big Difference” and it inspired me to change a few things in my day to day choices and I thought I’d share them with you!

I changed my Tea to Organic back in July and I really like the Clippers English Breakfast. I have about 4 or 5 cups of tea every day so this makes a huge difference to how many less chemicals I am drinking. Also, many mainstream tea bags are actually bleached so I am far happier knowing that I’m not brewing up a bleachy tea bag every time! These ones cost about £2.00 something for 40 bags which I think isn’t that bad actually.

A small beauty themed change that I made was with cotton pads. I started buying organic ones (I buy the Boots Botanics ones) last month as I heard that they bleach regular one’s which isn’t something I want to be wiping over my face everyday! I also picked up some Organic Re-useable face pads from Etsy meaning that I am using less cotton ones and more of my re-useable ones that I just wash between uses!

Chocolate – Mmmmm yummy! I am a confessed chocaholic so I thought I’d try some organic chocolate this month! I bought a couple of Seed & Bean chocolate bars at Whole Foods last week and I’ll be writing about what I think of them in a few days time!

What small change have you made for Organic September?


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  1. I loooove Clipper Tea. I've been drinking their regular organic tea for the last few years – even take my own box to work. I've also tried a couple of their fruit teas recently in a sampler and was pleasantly surprised. 🙂 Good choice! The Seed and Bean… well, it's chocolate so I'm interested! Look forward to reading your thoughts on the ones you picked up 🙂 xx

    Posted 9.19.14
  2. I've bought my own box to work too hehe! Ooh I'd love to try some of their fruit ones, their english breakfast is my favourite between theirs & Pukka herbs. Check back tomorrow for the chocolate mmmmm! xx

    Posted 9.20.14
  3. Anonymous wrote:

    I like to have one cup of herbal tea in the morning and at the moment I'm enjoying Twinings' chamomile varieties. I've been curious about re-usable cotton pads so I'd love to hear a little more about them. It's frustrating that so many products have added chemicals or treatments done to them that just seem so unnecessary! Ooh, the chocolate looks lovely! I've swapped my chocolate for organic and have been enjoying some of Green & Black's offerings. Are Seed & Bean available in many shops? xxx
    Just Emma

    Posted 10.7.14