Organic September Day 26: Clear Skin Guide

One of my main struggles with my skin is keeping it clear. I get very clogged pores and blackheads if I don’t keep on top of my skincare routine and get the odd breakouts here & there so I thought I’d share with you what organic products I reach for to keep my skin in tip top condition. 

Viridian Clear Skin Complex – Viridian are an organic supplement and beauty brand, selling a range of vitamins & minerals to help keep you on top of your health. They are certified organic so you know that what you’re taking is actually good for you, rather than supplements filled with added fillers and other rubbish that isn’t very good for you. I don’t take these everyday I just have them there in case I have a serious break-out and it just helps to reduce redness and clear my spots a bit quicker. 

Green’s Organic Spirulina Tablets – I first tried Spirulina when I placed an iHerb order a while back and got a small tub for just $1 and I really liked how much they helped with my skin. My main skin issue is clogged pores and blackheads and these help to detox my skin and almost “push” out the blackheads. It makes them more noticeable for a few days but as soon as I use a face mask, it clears them much better as they’re not so deep. I didn’t want to buy more from iHerb as I would have had to pay postage from USA so I had a look for UK brands and came across Greens Organic. For 300 tablets it cost me £11.99 which I think is a great price and they are certified by the Soil Association! Spirulina aren’t just good for your skin though, they have more protein than meat, fish or eggs and 10 times more iron than raw liver! They are full of fibre, can help prevent weight gain and contribute to a healthy digestion. 

Therapi Skincare Lemon Myrtle Toner* – I recently reviewed this product and it is one I would definitely re-purchase. It is gentle but effective at helping to control blackheads and breakouts. Did I mention it’s 99% organic too? Read my full review here.

Twinings Lemon Tea is one that I reach for when I have a breakout or my skin just feels clogged. Lemon is great for detoxing and it works to detox your whole body but I can definitely notice a difference when I have a few of these every week. Please excuse the lemon in the photo for this, I left my box of tea at work!

Isa’s Restoratives Three Flower Astringent – I bought this back in February in New York from ABC Home and it was actually on offer which was an added bonus and it’s lasting me ages! It’s a spot treatment that absolutely reeks but it works really well. It’s ingredients are (all organic) Yarrow, Calendula, Rose and Vodka. I haven’t reviewed this yet so if you’d like to see a review of this let me know in the comments but I do really like it! 

What are your secret organic weapons for clear skin?


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  1. I will be trying out those Spirulina tablets for sure! Loving the sound of the toner. Not that I need another one, I have two rose based ones on the go! You have been a blogging machine this month. Thank you for always delivering amazing content. I hope you have a break in the schedule for October! xx

    Posted 9.26.14
  2. Aw thank you Liz! I have got a little break but as I've got most scheduled already, I've still been able to whip up some posts for October & I'm starting a "Fitness Friday" series soon too! I think you'd like the Spirulina, they're really great! xx

    Posted 9.26.14
  3. Ju lie wrote:

    now, i'm at the top of my skincare routine.. my skin is really better.. like you i re started to take supplement (perfect skin, genuine health &hawaiian spiruline & msm) i use everyday after work OLO cleansing oil and double cleansing with gentle soap.. & kypris clearing serum.. thank for sharing your tricks.. this is very interesting to see what's works for others 🙂 I'm very interested about therapy cleanser!

    Posted 9.27.14
  4. Tamara B. wrote:

    Almost forgot to leave a comment, I love Isa's but don't see many reviews so I would be very interested to read it, specially since I haven't tried this spot treatment xx

    Posted 10.5.14
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    The supplements sound interesting so I may have to look into that! 🙂 xxx
    Just Emma

    Posted 10.7.14