Organic September Day 30: Recap!

Woohoo! I did it! I posted every single day for Organic September…wow. I cannot believe I’ve actually done it…I hope you all enjoyed my posts. Thank you so much to everyone who read, commented on or shared my really means a lot to me! Thank you also to those who tweeted me throughout and RT and favourited my tweets…you really made my month!

As this is the last day of September I thought I’d do a recap for all of you reading with all the posts so you don’t have to go back on my blog if you want to find a specific day!

Day 1: A Post a Day
Day 2: What is Organic?
Day 3: Greenscents Cleaning Products *DISCOUNT CODE*
Day 4: Packaging – Reuse, Recycle, Upcycle!
Day 5: Shopping Online for Organic
Day 6: Pukka Herbs Tea Cocktails & Mocktails
Day 7: Why Choose Organic Beauty?
OBW Day 8: Organic Beauty Weeks Offers & Promotions
OBW Day 9: Green People Soft Buff Exfoliator Review
OBW Day 10: Pink’s Boutique Pedicure Try Me Kit
OBW Day 11: Organic on a Budget under £10
OBW Day 12: Whole Foods Organic Beauty Week Event
OBW Day 13: Therapi Honey Skincare Review
OBW Day 14: Organic Beauty Reviews from my Archives
Day 15: The Bees!
Day 16: Liv Guest Post
Day 17: Planet First Clothing
Day 18: People Tree – What I’ve Bought!
Day 19: Small Changes
Day 20: Brand Focus Balm Balm 
Day 21: Seed & Bean Chocolate
Day 22: Herbfarmacy
Day 23: Organic Beauty Wishlist
Day 24: Multi-Purpose Organic Products
Day 25: 5 Organic Products Everyone Should Try
Day 26: Clear Skin Guide
Day 27: Blog Lovin’
Day 28: Soil Association Competition! (Today is the last day to enter!)
Day 29: Skin Blossom Review

I hope you have all enjoyed my blog posts and haven’t bored you too much or annoyed you with my overload of posts in your BlogLovin feeds haha!

During the month of September I also posted a video collab with Rachel of a Purple Smokey Eye, I vlogged the Organic Beauty Week Event, and I did a Souk Souk Beauty Box Unboxing Video which you can check out on my YouTube channel!

I hope you all had a fab Organic September!


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  1. Ru Chan wrote:

    Great job on daily posts in September! I don't think I can ever do this, it's just so overwhelming! xo

    Posted 9.30.14
  2. Ana wrote:

    You are a champion, that is all! 😉 XX

    Posted 9.30.14
  3. Awesome Amber, what a fabulous series of posts. If there was a blogger award for Organic September you thoroughly deserve it xxx

    Posted 10.1.14
  4. Well done you! x

    Posted 10.2.14