Organic September Day 6: Pukka Herbs Tea Cocktails & Mocktails

So it’s Saturday and Organic Beauty Week starts on Monday so why not pop out to the shop, buy some Pukka Herb teas & create your own cocktails or mocktails ready for a party tonight? These cocktails are made using the teas I was sent from Pukka Herbs which all have their own different effects and benefits – beautifying you from the inside out.

The first two I made are cold cocktails and the two after are warm teas that are perfect for Autumn/Winter time.

Alcoholic Cocktails

Love Joy
Pukka Herbs Love Tea
Cover 3 tea bags with 150ml boiling water
Leave to infuse for 30 minutes in a covered container
Strain to make “Love Essence”
Put in the fridge for two hours

To make one cocktail: 
50ml “Love Essence”
50ml Pomegranate juice
Top up with Champagne
Add some rosewater if you like (1 tsp per glass)
Finish off by adding a fresh rose petal

I didn’t have any open Champagne (and didn’t want to open my Moet from my 21st birthday but it tasted really nice without it! I can imagine it would taste even better with the champagne though…

Cool as Cats
Pukka Herbs Three Mint Tea
Cover 3 tea bags with 150ml boiling water
Leave to infuse for 30 minutes in a covered container
Strain to make Three Mint Essence
Put in fridge for two hours

I adapted this recipe slightly as I don’t have Prosecco or Caipirinha so I substituted that for Bols Genever that I got in Amsterdam and made my own new Mojito style drink! But here is the recipe that Pukka Herbs gave me…(probably best to stick to that, it’d be much nicer than mine ha!) It was still a nice drink…very minty but I just added too much Bols..oopsie!

1 shot Caipirinha added to a handful of crushed ice
Juice of a lime
Sprinkle of sugar
50ml Three Mint Essence
Top up with Prosecco
Finish off with a couple of fresh mint leaves

Pukka Pure Pleasure – A rich and soothing delight to have as a treat!
1 bag Licorice & Cinnamon
Add to 1 cup almond/milk warming in a pan
Leave to warm and infuse for 5 minutes

This drink is so delicious and relaxing. It is very cinnamon-y but I really like it. I do like teas but I much prefer having milky ones rather than green or lemon ones as I find them much more relaxing and warming.

And finally one for the Winter cold…
Three Ginger Throat Soother
1 bag Three Ginger tea
Add 200ml freshly boiled water
Steep for 5 minutes
Add 1 tsp honey and a squeeze of fresh lemon

And there you have it….some yummy organic cocktails & mocktails for you to enjoy! If you do decide to make any of them please tweet me a photo!

Pukka Herbs are also offering 20% off some of their Vitality range throughout OBW so head over to their website to beautify yourself from the inside out!


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