Organic September Day 7: Why Choose Organic Beauty?

Organic Beauty Week starts tomorrow so I thought I’d kick start the week with a post on choosing organic beauty! Choosing organic is all about knowing what is in your beauty products and having peace of mind that what you are putting onto your skin is beneficial to not only you, but to the environment too. Having the certification of “Organic” by the Soil Association means there is a minimum of 70% organic ingredients in the product, and the rest has to be from a genuine natural category. 

When you buy a Soil Association certified Organic beauty product, you know that what is inside is going to be good for your skin. Otherwise, there are no other rules or regulations meaning that a company could call a product organic, when there is only 1% organic ingredients in there. It is the same with “natural”; a natural product is one that has any natural ingredients in it. This is why there are companies that green-wash however during this upcoming #OrganicBeautyWeek I want to celebrate those brands who are truly natural & organic! I will have brand focus posts, along with offers, promotions as well a post about going organic on a budget, proving that it doesn’t have to cost the Earth! 

Previously “going organic” meant potentially sacrificing on feel and performance, however nowadays organic skincare and beauty is up there with mainstream ranges, giving them a run for their money, delivering results, meaning you don’t have to reduce your expectations when going green!

My post tomorrow will be Offers & Promotions that you can take advantage off throughout the week!

I hope you enjoy my posts through Organic Beauty Week! Use the hashtag #ORGANICBEAUTY throughout the week on Twitter to find everything you need to know about the week! 


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  1. Nayzee wrote:

    I'll be following your Organic Beauty Week. I love nothing more than organic products.
    Renee x

    Posted 9.7.14