Autumn Berry & Gold Natural & Organic Make-Up Look

Now that Autumn is well & truly on its way I thought I’d share with you the shades, colours & products I reach for during this time of the year. I have filmed a video of a berry & gold, bronzed make-up look that you can watch here! All of the products I used are in the video description box but I thought I’d share with you the most important products from the look!

Sappho Organics Eyeshadow in Minaz – This is a gorgeous gold colour that isn’t too sparkly or too matte but is just right. I put this over a pale brown shade from my Neve eyeshadow palette and it turned out really nice! It works great on the inner corner of your eyes too as a subtle but pretty highlight.

La Mav Sunkissed Bronzer – You might think this is a little strange to include a bronzer in an Autumn picks post however I absolutely love wearing gold eyeshadow, brown eyeliner, berry lips and then having quite a heavily bronzed complexion. I think when I wear berry shades as I’m not that tanned, it can sometimes wash me out so I like to bronze bronze bronze and I look much more fresh-faced!

Lily Lolo Berry Crush Lipstick – Ahh one of my favourite lip colours but one that I have forgotten about through the Summer. I bought it last year for Halloween and grew to love it as an Autumn lippie shade. It doesn’t contain carmine either like the other two LL lipsticks that I have which is great and it is just the most gorgeous deep berry shade. That is…until PERSIE ATE IT. Silly dog.

Not one that is on my video but I am loving Zoya Nail Polish in Ciara. I bought this at Whole Foods back in July on the Field Trip Tour and I absolutely love it. I’ve only tried one Zoya polish where I didn’t like the formula and this is one of the better ones. It stays on longer than most other natural polishes I’ve tried and is a really gorgeous deep magenta shade.

What shades & make-up have you been reaching for?


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  1. Naughty Persistent. You look glowing. I still wear a bronzer with Autumn shades, I look ill otherwise x

    Posted 10.12.14
  2. I love your Autumn makeup look. The tones look great together and the berry and gold shades are so complimentary x

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    Posted 10.12.14
  3. looking beautiful

    Posted 10.12.14
  4. I loved this tutorial. Both the eyes and lips are GORGEOUS.

    Posted 10.12.14
  5. Anonymous wrote:

    What a pretty look, berry and gold are stellar colors and a wonderful pairing.

    Posted 10.12.14
  6. Aw thank you! Yes I look ill with berry lipstick on & no bronzer haha x

    Posted 10.12.14
  7. Thank you! I love berry and gold together x

    Posted 10.12.14
  8. Thanks Bella x

    Posted 10.12.14
  9. Thank you so much! x

    Posted 10.12.14
  10. Thank you! I agree, they're lovely together x

    Posted 10.12.14
  11. Sarita wrote:

    Amber, you look so pretty! These colors definitely suit you and give you a lovely burst of fun fall color. Great post! xo

    Posted 10.13.14
  12. Anonymous wrote:

    You look great! And a nice look too!

    Posted 11.4.14