Exfolia Microexfoliation Cloth Review

Bit of an odd one for you today…you might be thinking “Why is she talking about a window cleaning cloth?” which is exactly what this cloth reminded me of when I was asked to review it haha!

The Exfolia Microexfoliation Cleansing Cloth* claims to be a “miracle exfoliation cloth that gives you smoother skin in 2 minutes”. I like the effect that Konjac sponges have on my skin so I wondered if this would be similar or better because Konjac sponges wear away quite quickly. It’s supposed to be good for all skin types, remove dead skin cells and increase skin tone and elasticity. There aren’t any chemicals or additives on the cloth, its just polyester/nylon, finely woven together. 

When I received the cloth, I had a quick google to see if you were meant to use it as a whole cloth or cut it into smaller pieces. I saw a post that said cut it into smaller pieces so you get more use out of it. So I cut a quarter off the whole cloth & tried to use that on its own to cleanse my face. I had cleanser on my face and tried to use the wet cloth to cleanse & exfoliate my face but it was quite hard. So instead of using the cut-off, I used the larger piece of the cloth which was easier but it was still hard as it didn’t seem to glide across my face, it’s hard to explain but it wasn’t that easy to use. It glides smoothly when it is dry but when its wet it sort of gets stuck and sticks to your face. It’s almost too smooth to feel like its thoroughly cleansing my skin and getting rid of impurities.

What I do like this cloth for however, is removing eye make-up. We all know the eye area is delicate and using this makes me feel more at ease when taking off my mascara & eyeshadows as it’s much smoother than a flannel. It takes off mascara pretty easily and feels much nicer around my eye area.

You can use this cloth over and over again for 60-80 applications which is around the same amount as a Konjac sponge (which fall apart over time) however it costs Β£10.35 which to me is a little on the expensive side. I haven’t seen any drastic results with this cloth, my skin does feel smoother after using it and I’ve read so many great reviews but for me it was just a bit average.

You can buy the Reusable Micro Exfoliation Cloth here for Β£10.35.


*PR Sample

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  1. Interesting one. I feel much the same about Konjac sponges, they're just a bit meh for me though so many other people rave about them. Have to say, I've been using a good old cotton flannel on my face for about 40 years and whilst fads come and go (anyone remember BuffPuff?), the flannel does it all perfectly well for me x

    Posted 10.10.14
  2. Jen Morris wrote:

    I'm with Annie – give me a good old cotton flannel or a muslin cloth and I'm happy! It doesn't look like something I'd want to try, sorry! x

    Posted 10.10.14
  3. Interesting cloth but not so much for me. I love the Konjac sponge. Really handy and easy to use. I am less fan of muslin cloths (sorry girls:-)) .xx

    Posted 10.10.14
  4. I don't know what a BuffPuff is πŸ˜› but I love using flannels too & prefer them to muslin cloths πŸ™‚

    Posted 10.11.14
  5. Don't have to say sorry! I wasn't overly impressed with it either, flannels are great for me πŸ™‚ x

    Posted 10.11.14
  6. I agree I like flannels better than muslins cloths & thought this might be similar to Konjac sponge but longer lasting but it just didn't seem to do much πŸ™‚ x

    Posted 10.11.14
  7. It kind of reminds me of silver cleaning cloths, you know? I'm intrigued by it but am pretty happy with the cotton cloth/pad combo I have going on at the moment. Interesting find! x

    Posted 10.12.14