Green Beauty Meet-Up

Yesterday I drove to Reading to meet some of my favourite green blogging girlies & a couple of lovely girls who I’d not met before…exciting! I got up super early, really excited and got ready to drive down to Reading. Rachel (All Natural Aspirations) organised the day with the help of Jen (Jen’s Green Skincare) and Sarah (Sugarpuffish) and we knew there were a few surprises for the day ahead!

I met a few of the girls in Starbucks and we did a bit of shopping then we headed to Pizza Express for lunch where all the surprises happened! The girls have been so busy planning a HUGE goody bag full of green products and then Elijah from Bodhi & Birch had sent a massive hamper full of his amazing products and we each got to choose two! Freakin’ amazing!!!!

I did vlog but not a lot…such a bad vlogger I never want to get my camera out & actually film myself in public haha! But I am finishing that off tonight as I have got to film the “Goody Bag Unopening” at the end of the vlog haha!

So here is what is in the amaaaaaazing goody bag…(Hearts in Eyes emoji!)

Botanical Brands kindly supplied samples of Pulpe de Vie and Living Nature as well as a Purifying Cleanser trial size AND a discount code for us!
Elijah from Bodhi & Birch sent a HUGE hamper which we got to choose two products from – I chose Rosemary Chi Body Moisturiser & Flora Paradiso Massage Oil (LOVE!). 
Herbfarmacy sent their new Pure Hydration Serum (smells gorgeous!) and a couple of samples.
Fresh Therapies sent us a sample of their Nail Polish remover as well as one of their remover wipes which are handy for when you’re on the go!
Bee-utiful sent a sample of their multi-purpose balm which I’m looking forward to trying and a Peppermint & Tea Tree lip balm (see next photo!)

We received an eyeshadow from Brija Cosmetics which I was SO excited about! I got the colour Lace Dresses which is absolutely GORGEOUS. We also received two drinks from Rebel Kitchen but I gave one to Jen & swapped an eyeshadow with Sarah for the chocolate one (fair swap I think :P) as I don’t like coconut. So I have another Brija eyeshadow in the colour The Abbey which is also lovely! Brianna also very kindly gave us a $7,50 discount code for Brija which I am looking forward to using (I’ve been eyeing up her Dexter collection!)

Marie from Bloom Remedies was so sweet & personalised the tags on these cute bags! We got a Serenity Slumber Body Oil and a Serenity Slumber Bath Oil which I am dying to try! Bath tonight I think…

I had been eyeing up Pure Thoughts Christmas collection on Twitter a couple of weeks back so I’m so excited to see two of their soaps in the goody bag! We got the Winter Wonderland and the Candy Cane soaps…how gorgeous is the packaging!
Nom sent us a yummy Oat Bar & we also got a sample of Vogue lipstick from Red Apple Lipstick!
A sample of the Original Balm from Niki’s Balms was inside as well as four Frank Snack Bars which sounds delicious.
Weleda provided full-sizes of their Calendula Massage Oil andRose Soap. Paul gave me a massage last night using the oil and it was such a lovely product to use. Even Paul commented on how nice it was! 
Suti supplied a sample set of a few of their products and we also received a trial pack from Balmology (how lovely is the packaging!).
The lovely got us two A Vogel products; Neem Cream and Herbamare Salts and she also managed to get us the Salt of the Earth Natural Deodorant in the Lavender & Vanilla scent. We also got a Jan de Vries Vitality Essence (see next photo). 
We got the 100% Organic Beauty Oil & Beauty Complex supplements from Viridian and a pack of Madara samples as well as two Hurraw! lip balms from My Pure.
Lulu & Boo sent two samples of their products and A Beautiful World provided a Yarok sample (I got the shampoo, woo!) as well as their beautiful pink bags that everything came in!
We also got a Vital Touch Natalia Time for Mum Bath Soak and Lyonsleaf have just launched a new Goat’s Milk Manuka & Calendula Soap so we got one of those too!
The lovely George from Bathing Beauty sent us a Miracle Soap & a Face Tea (not yet available!!) which I’m looking forward to trying.
We got a Lavera concealer which is one I haven’t tried before as well as a Benecos Day Cream from Pravera. A sample from The Earth Works Cosmetics Grapefruit Exfoliator via Vanessa’s Choice!

Sophia’s Choice also gave us a discount code and so did Vanessa’s Choice!

Phew! I hope I didn’t miss anything off!
What an amazing day…thank you Rachel, Jen & Sarah for organising it all! It was so lovely to see all the girls again & to meet Carrie and Malin! 

My vlog will be up tomorrow!

Hope you see you all next year 😀


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  1. wow you girls are quick with the blog posts ;D How amazing is that goody bag, I'm totally jealous…..oh no wait….haha. No surprises who organised all the foods lol, sorry about the Rebel Kitchen but hope you enjoy Frank & Nom bars. It was lovely to see you again Amber x

    Posted 10.27.14
  2. What a fabulous goody bag and so kind of Elijah x

    Posted 10.27.14
  3. Tamara B. wrote:

    Wow that is one massive goody bag, you really don't need to shop for a year now. Hopefully we'll get to catch up soon, was really annoyed that I couldn't get time of work xx

    Posted 10.27.14
  4. Incredible beauty bag :-)))! enjoy! x

    Posted 10.27.14
  5. Jana D. wrote:

    Wow now that's a proper goodie bag!<3 Can't wait to see your vlog 🙂 At times like this I really wish I would live in London and meet you all 🙂 xx

    Posted 10.27.14
  6. It's interesting to see other peoples bags as there are a few variations! Love your pictures – I'm the same with taking photos as you are about vlogging – too hard to stop eating/chatting to get out the camera 🙂 So fun to spend more time with you, hope to see you again soon! x

    Posted 10.27.14
  7. Angelica P wrote:

    ohhhmyyygosshh that is a hell of a good goody bag, I'm really looking forward to reading your reviews! It sounds like the whole event went down a treat 🙂 It's so lovely when blogging events get glowing reviews. I'll be sure to check your vlog out when you post it xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    Posted 10.27.14
  8. Jen Morris wrote:

    Yay goody bags! So glad everyone loved them (I mean, what's NOT to love?!) So good to see you again 🙂 x

    Posted 10.28.14
  9. Wow, an amazing goodie bag. Looks like you all had a great time x

    Posted 10.28.14
  10. Ru Chan wrote:

    This. is. ridiculous. You should send me some, Amber. LOL

    Posted 10.28.14
  11. wow amazing goodie bag!! sounds like you all had a great day out, id love to attend a blogging event x

    Posted 10.28.14
  12. WOW, amazing!! I love Bodhi & Birch's Flora Paradiso Body Oil, you chose well! x

    Posted 10.29.14
  13. Anonymous wrote:

    Wow that looks amazing – the goody bag to all goody bags.

    Posted 10.30.14