Tindra4u Candle Holders

The lovely Nic of OrgaNic Obsessions recently got in touch with me on Instagram about these tealight candle holders that she sells! The company is called Tindra4u and they sell a range of candle bags in a variety of designs that are made of bio-degradable flame-resistant paper.

Up until going green I wasn’t really a candle person but I’ve discovered so many great brands since going green, its been too hard to resist buying candles! I bought some tealights to go inside these and love the effect they give. Paul loves when I take a candle to his house as he thinks its really romantic and he always lights them before I go to his house now…so cute!

I wanted to do a proper photoshoot style post for these bags as they’re just too darn cute! My favourites are the extra small bags and the one with the cut-out hearts. Nic also sent me the Cut out Heart Bunting & some bags that spell out “Welcome” which I think would be so lovely for a wedding or if you’re welcoming guests to your house!

Not only do they look gorgeous with a candle lit at night, but they look so beautiful filled with flowers for an event too. My favourite to use with flowers is the crinkled ones from the Japan range with a bit of string around for added cuteness! 

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*These were very kindly sent to me by Nic who writes over at OrgaNIC Obsessions. All opinions are my own and are 100% honest. 

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  1. I like the look of these and the diffused light that they offer but I'd be terrified that they'd catch fire if I left them unattended even for a moment – I know they're made from "flame resistant paper" but the fear would still be there. The bunting is absolutely adorable though! xx

    Angelica // One Little Vice

    Posted 11.5.14
  2. They're so pretty! They are honestly 100% safe…I lit a candle inside one and hadn't unfolded it all the way but it just turned the edge of the bag where it folds inwards black & it didn't set alight! I love the bunting, so cute! xx

    Posted 11.5.14
  3. Thanks for the lovely post Amber! So happy we have another Tindra fan! And I can certainly attest to the bags not catching fire; I have quite a few at home and have left many unattended many a times without any mishaps. That's why they're so great! More designs in the making so stay tuned =) xx

    Posted 11.5.14
  4. Such a lovely, unusual idea! Definitely a great idea for weddings. xxx

    Posted 11.7.14
  5. How different! Never seen anything like these before, they look really cool and I like how versatile they are too! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    Posted 11.7.14