What Daisy Did Recycled Leather Bag

I bought a new bag! I’ve had my eye on What Daisy Did bags for quite a while but hadn’t found one that was quite right for me. I am quite fussy when it comes to fashion and I don’t like to look too quirky, more classic and chic with my clothes and accessories. 

What Daisy Did is a business created by Daisy & Ozric…

“What Daisy Did is a shop formed from all the wonderful bags we source on our travels, which in turn funds our travelling and future projects.
Having an environmental conscience, where possible we source recycled, natural and wasted materials. Our products are made in developing countries and we maintain a close relationships with the artisans and their families. We pay fair prices and do not use any child or elderly labour. Our bags are durable, and use timeless designs in a protest against our disposable fashion industry.”

I visited their shop in the Vintage Retreat in Northampton to choose a bag that I liked. They also have an online shop which is filled with all sorts of styles; satchels, messenger bags, shoulder bags, clutches, backpacks and purses. The one I chose is the Cambridge Style Satchel and I really love the bright colours on this one. I found another one of their messengers bags which was really nice but this one is much better for me as it’s bigger (I like to carry round a lot of stuff!)

The bag is made with really durable leather and the quality is really good. It is really sturdy and hasn’t gotten scratched or worn in the time I’ve had it. Obviously it isn’t in brand new condition as the leather is recycled but it is in very good condition. The strap is adjustable which is really handy and it has an inside pocket as well as an outside pocket to fit all of my rubbish in!

What I love about What Daisy Did is their honesty & integrity. Here is a short interview I’ve pinched from their site about their bags:

Do you know where it is made?
Our bags are made in the famous leather state of Rajastan, India.
Do you know who made it?
Our recycled bags are made by a talented artisan and young entrepreneur Manish, his family and co-workers who have helped design and create these bags.
Do you know what impact it has had on the environment?
Our recycled bag range is made from waste products, which saves waste from landfill as well as reducing the amount of new materials being demanded.
Are the producers being treated fairly?
We visit Manish and his family regularly to check on working conditions and the quality of their workmanship. Because our materials are a waste product it means we can pay fairly whilst also retailing our products at a great price. No child or elderly labour.
How durable is it?
Leather is naturally strong and we take the greatest care to make our bags as durable as possible, unlike the disposable fashion we see today our aim is to sell quality rather than quantity. The leather is often wasted for minor imperfections which is not normally noticeable by the untrained eye, on occasion you may find small blemishes that we believe adds character. However the structural strength of the bag is never compromised.
How long will it survive our ever changing trends?
We use typical designs which have already survived generations of fashion fluctuations so that our bags can live a full life.
Am I buying from a reputable company?
We are a small business that has been running for nearly a year, we pay our taxes. We will stretch a mile to solve any queries you may have and of course all of our products are returnable.

With the Recycled Leather Bags, when buying online you can make a request to see the colours they have available, otherwise a random one will be selected for you. They also have quite a few stockists around the country including Brighton, Cambridge Market and some abroad such as France, Germany & as far as Australia! Check out their stockists here.


*This is not a sponsored post and I bought the bag myself.

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  1. Love the colour, so pretty and great that it's made from recycled leather 🙂 x

    Posted 12.18.14