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If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll know that I’ve been doing daily yoga since the 2nd January as part of #30DaysofYoga. Adriene from Yoga with Adriene has been uploaded a yoga video every day for us to all enjoy and I thought I’d share my experience so far. I am currently on Day 22 that I completed this morning before work!

I wouldn’t say I was a beginner at yoga as I have practiced here & there before via videos but I’m not an expert. I know the basic moves however this has been a completely new learning experience for me. I’ve learnt a lot of new moves and poses, how to stand better, how to breathe properly, how to perfect my poses and it has been so much fun in the process. Adriene is such an amazing teacher, she’s so funny but makes you feel relaxed at the same time and always offers options where possible. So if you are a beginner you can do the first option or if you’re more advanced, you can make it that little bit harder.

It actually hasn’t been as hard as I was expecting either, in terms of actually making time to practice daily. I got up straight away instead of tweeting woke up earlier in the mornings to practice a few times and rather than come home from work and just slouch on my bed for an hour before dinner, I made sure that I practiced. I also did a few right before bed too, which really helped me relax and fall asleep quicker. 

A few things I’ve learnt that I need to practice are:

Pigeon Pose…I thought I was doing this correctly and often use this pose to stretch after a gym session however I always just rest on my bum cheek but apparently…you’re meant to sit off it! So I’ve been trying to sit up a little more…I’m getting there!

Balancing on one leg during the Tree Poses started to hurt the leg I was standing on at my shins which made it quite uncomfortable and hard to stay in the post for a long time. The first time we did tree poses was on about day 14/15 I think and we did some more around day 17-18 and I already improved from then, just holding it better and less wobbling. I also managed to do the hip stretch one by resting one leg on the top of my thigh and bending forwards…ouchie that was a great hip stretch! 

Crow poses weren’t something I had tried before and I think I need to strengthen my wrists a little more but I almost got there! I held one for about 2 seconds, yay!

We first did side planks near the beginning of the 30 Days and about 2 weeks in there was a cheeky side plank right at the end and I managed to hold it with ease! I haven’t just been doing yoga, I have been doing other exercise (Kayla Itsines Plan – post coming soon!) but I definitely think all the planks and downward dogs have helped me hold the side planks for longer.

I’m currently on Day 22 so I still have just over a week to go however I’m so proud of myself for actually doing it every day and I’ve seen so much improvement.

Do you practice yoga? At home or in a class? What’s your favourite pose?


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  1. I've been following your tweets with interest and really enjoyed it πŸ™‚ well done on you for sticking with it, I bet you feel sooo much better for it πŸ™‚

    Rach xx


    Posted 1.23.15
  2. Ahhh I want to try this, can you start anytime? You will have to send me the link. I have started doing yoga before bed and it definitely helps me sleep better and I got up this morning to just do some sun salutations, even 15 minutes before work is better than nothing. Looking forward to your post on Kayla Itsines, I downloaded it but I am too scared to go to the gym – can you do some of it from home? x x x

    Zoe Newlove Beauty Blogger & MUA

    Posted 1.23.15
  3. Ah glad you have enjoyed my tweets (and snapchats ;)!) I do feel so much better! Especially as I'm meant to be doing more for Kayla Itsines on the days I don't do circuits so replacing it with yoga is much better πŸ™‚ x

    Posted 1.23.15
  4. Here's the link! Yes start any time! The videos are all still on her Youtube (https://www.youtube.com/user/yogawithadriene) but not sure how long for but you can donate a little to get them sent to you or something like that. 15 minutes is way better than nothing, I think I'll even keep doing that after 30 days is up! Yes you can do A LOT of it from home! I've seen a lot of progress in just 3 weeks x

    Posted 1.23.15
  5. Woo, so great that you've stuck with it and I've had someone for some motivation to keep going πŸ™‚ I'm currently on Day 17 and love it so much, it's been such a great introduction and I love Adriene's sense of humour and how easy she makes it for you. I still need to work on some moves, those sides planks were not easy for me haha, but finally mastered downward dog! πŸ™‚ x

    Posted 1.23.15
  6. I've never tried yoga but always been intrigued by it. The ease of having the videos to follow may sway me to give it a try! xxx

    Posted 1.23.15
  7. Well done for sticking too it. I am tempted to give it a go myself x

    Posted 1.23.15
  8. I'm thinking that I might give 30 days of yoga a try! I've tried a couple of the videos and have started going to a class at the weekend which I'm loving. Good on you for sticking with it :] xx

    Posted 1.23.15
  9. I can't wait to start in February! One of my fave poses are Tree, Mermaid, and Dancer though I can't do Dancer very well… I need A LOT of practice when it comes to those balancing poses. Kudos to you for actually achieving Crow, I can't do it ever! πŸ™

    Posted 1.24.15
  10. Awesome job! I am really thinking about trying this. I want to make sure I can commit to it though. Love your new blog design, so lovely. xoxo

    Posted 1.24.15
  11. Great job! Also loving the blog makeover – it's gorgeous! I'm currently doing rebounding with my mini trampoline, but I could do with a bit more yoga. Life's so stressful these days! πŸ˜‰

    Posted 1.24.15
  12. I've been attending a Fitness Yoga class since September and genuinely love going. It can be challenging, but I love the great stretches and the sense of calm I feel when I leave. It's great that you've kept up with your 30 day challenge. I'm sure you can see/feel changes in your body…x

    Posted 1.24.15
  13. I start now πŸ™‚ 30 days challenge, keep going Amber you are inspiring! xx

    Posted 1.25.15
  14. Good work gurl! πŸ™‚ I started doing it but then I kinda stopped πŸ˜› I have to get back on track with it, at least I do a couple of yoga poses almost every day, better tha than nothing πŸ™‚ xx

    Posted 1.25.15
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