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I often forget that my blog isn’t just out there for my regular readers, but for new readers who might be just getting into green beauty, so I thought I’d start a series for Green Beauty Newbies so there is something here on my blog for those who are transitioning to a greener beauty regime and are looking for advice, tips & recommendations. All the posts will be put onto a page dedicated to green beauty for newbies so keep an eye out for that as I’ll be updating it every time a new post goes up!

I’ve started off the series with books because you can find out a lot from a good book and I’ve picked up a few over the last year that I think are really helpful. Yes, there is a lot on the internet these days but I personally think it’s much easier and nicer to have it all in one place. 

I just picked up “200 Tips/Techniques & Recipes for Natural Beauty” in The Works for just Ā£2.99. What a bargain. It was only published this year by blogger turned author Shannon Buck who writes over at and retails for Ā£12.99 so I’m not sure how or why it was in The Works for Ā£2.99 but I certainly wasn’t going to leave it on the shelf! It is FULL of DIY’s, information on essential oils, facial steams, aromatherapy, balancing your chakras, herbs, hair rinses…so much stuff! You all need to go and buy this now….and thank me later! šŸ˜‰

*UPDATE* It was in The Works for Ā£2.99 because it has since had a makeover and is now available with a different front cover and name…”200 Home-made Treatments for Natural Beauty“. As far as I could see (browsing quickly in WH Smith) the inside is exactly the same it just has a “prettier” front cover. 

If you want to start making your own beauty products using natural ingredients, look no further than “Natural Beauty” by Karen Gilbert. With beautiful photography and 35 step-by-step how to’s from bath melts to balms and moisturisers, you’ll have your own skincare collection in no time. It takes you through equipment that you’ll need, basic recipes and helpful tips. I used this to make my DIY Massage Bars that I’ll be doing a post/video on soon!

Eco-Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Natural Beauty & Wellness is written by none other than Lina Hanson whose products you may well have seen via other green beauty bloggers or whilst shopping online. This book takes you right through from cleansing for all skin types to make-up tips and advice. Lina recommends her favourites in the book such as Korres, Jane Iredale, Miessence. The book was published in 2009 so some of the brands are a little out-dated and I think you could personally find better one’s now as the green beauty industry has boomed but it’s helpful if you’re just getting started, especially on the make-up side. 

Lastly but certainly not least is one that I picked up recently in TK Maxx for half price as the front cover was slightly damaged. Nourish: Mind Body & Soul is written by three ladies who each have their own section in the book which is full of green beauty, wellness, lifestyle and eating. There’s lots of healthy recipes in Amber’s section, then Sadie talks about green beauty, ingredients, facial massage techniques, yoga and wellness and it’s finished off with Holly talking about mindset, fitness and exercise and there’s even a 4 week exercise plan in there too! For me, using green beauty products has opened up a lot about my whole well-being and taking care of myself from the inside out so this book is really helpful as it covers all aspects. 

Mmmmmm how delicious does this Blackberry & Rose Cheesecake look…

Last but certainly not least (not a book though…) is Natural Health Magazine. I absolutely love this monthly magazine as its full of everything natural health and beauty along with wellbeing, yoga, skincare advice, nutritional articles and loads more. You can subscribe on

I hope this post is helpful! If you are new to green beauty, please do leave me a comment or tweet me (@AmberBeautyTalk) letting me know what sort of things you are looking for advice on and I will try to help. In this series I’ll be covering ingredients (good & bad!), how to read labels & what to look for, budget green beauty brands & a lot more if you are still interested!

My friend Tamara who writes over at Rainbow Feet has also recently posted a video on her favourite books which you should go & check out too! (link)


*This post contains affiliate links. This simply means I would make a small percentage should you choose to buy anything via my links which helps with the running costs of this blog.

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  1. These are all new to me! So exciting, I might have to go to the book store tomorrow šŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing Amber!

    Posted 1.11.15
  2. What a great selection of books ! I'm slowly building up my collection of natural skincare books. I'll have to check these out too x

    Posted 1.11.15
  3. Such a great idea and post Amber! Can't wait to see more and a lovely round-up of some fantastic books out there – I still need to get my hands on Nourish! Tania x

    Posted 1.11.15
  4. Lovely book selection! I'm almost done with my video, will link up to this post in the description xx

    Posted 1.11.15
  5. Great post, I'll be adding all these to my to-read list! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

    Posted 1.11.15
  6. My books are all about "bad" ingredients so these look good from a beauty perspective

    Posted 1.11.15
  7. Going to order some of these from the library in the morning! They look really interesting, especially those with recipes for DIY products which is something I'm really keen to get in to in 2015.

    Posted 1.11.15
  8. Ooh! Some lovely looking books, I love 'No More Dirty Looks' as its a funny and interesting read but also packed full of vital, balanced information.

    Rach xx


    Posted 1.11.15
  9. Wow such gorgeous books!<3 xx

    Posted 1.11.15
  10. Thanks for this! I feel like green beauty books are too far and few between.

    Posted 1.12.15
  11. Thanks for posting this, Amber! Although I'm not completely new to your blog, I'm still fairly new to green beauty, so these book recommendations are sure to come in handy. A decent book seems like a good place to start! xxx

    Posted 1.14.15
  12. This series is a great idea! I am so jealous about your book collection, so many fab books you got girl. šŸ™‚

    Posted 1.17.15
  13. I've managed to transition the majority of my skincare/beauty products to the natural side, but I will definitely check out some of these books! Nourish looks absolutely beautiful – I'm judging it by it's cover šŸ˜‰

    Posted 1.22.15
  14. Some great reading suggestions! šŸ™‚ Thanks for this post. Not a newbie, but always on the look out for new sources of info!

    Posted 1.27.15
  15. hey lovely, from all these, which is your fav? I'm trying to decide which one to buy. Have you done a post yet on budget green beauty brands?

    Posted 2.7.15