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I was contacted last year by the lovely Marissa from Precious Skin Elixirs which is a US based, cruelty free, green skincare brand. I had seen their products on a review by Ru (link) and also an interview that Ru posted (link), and loved the sound of them so I was thrilled when Marissa reached out to me. 

Precious Skin Elixirs make artisan skincare products in small batches from oils to toners and clay masks using wild-crafted, organic herbs, oils and other natural ingredients. 

“Your skin is precious and we believe only pure, natural ingredients should touch it. We make artisan skin delights, inviting you to take pleasure in the ritual of self-care. Our products capture the elegant virtues of rare, nutrient-rich ingredients sourced sustainably and ethically.

Each product bears the name of a precious gem – symbolic of the cherishing our largest organ deserves. Everything in our line is crafted by hand, from scratch in the apothecary tradition, with intention, care, and in the spirit of love.

Precious Skin Elixirs is my vision come to life. These exquisite potions are designed to delight the spirit, tempt the senses, and awaken you to your best skin.”

I was sent a full-size Rose Quartz Toner* a trial size of their Onyx Purifying Face Mask* and a sample of their Tourmaline Serum*. 
Rose Quartz Toner $20 for 2 oz

This botanical toner & mist has a simple list of just three ingredients. Rose hydrosol to help calm and tone irritated skin, witch hazel hydrosol which has strong anti-inflammatory properties and white willow bark which helps to keep skin clear and discourages breakouts and redness. 

The spray on this bottle is quite fine but it is very refreshing meaning you can apply it anytime throughout the day. The scent isn’t my favourite however it makes my skin feel refreshed, it helps to control my breakouts and keep my skin looking clear. For a 2oz glass bottle, it only costs $20 which I think is a great price personally. There’s also no alcohol in it either like most toners so it isn’t drying at all. 
Ingredients: Witch hazel hydrosol, Rose hydrosol, White Willow bark extract.

Onyx Purity Face Mask – $40 for 4 oz

This mask comes in powder form (which I love) and has activated charcoal and red illite clay to help draw impurities from the skin, calm inflammation and stop blemishes in their tracks. This mask actually smells like chocolate which is thanks to the anti-oxidant rich raw cacao and means that I can’t put this mask on without the puppies trying to lick it off my face haha! It draws out blackheads from my skin at the same time as purifying my complexion from any blemishes or redness. I like to mix it up in my hand or a mug (classy!) with an old broken foundation brush (yup, so classy!) with a little bit of water which activates it into a clay mask. I apply all over my face and remove with a hot flannel once it’s dry. Ta da! Detoxed skin! 

Ingredients: Red illite clay, organic raw cacao, activated charcoal, lemon peel, horsetail fern, oat straw, vitamin c, marshmallow root, sodium bicarbonate, ginger, cinnamon, turmeric, clove essential oil, vanilla resin.

Tourmaline Serum – $48 for 1 oz. 

This amber coloured oil is very lightweight and claims to brighten skin tone, enhance collagen production and promote circulation. Essential oils of pink grapefruit and sweet orange are paired prickly pear seed oil, buriti seed oil, rosehip, maracuha and watermelon seed oil which all work in harmony together to create this moisturising oil. I received a small sample of this so I can’t comment too much but I got about 5-6 uses from it at night, and when I awoke my skin looked moisturised and plump. I can definitely see how well this would work if I used it for longer!

Ingredients: Rosehip seed oil, buriti oil, watermelon seed oil, prickly pear seed oil, maracuja oil, pink grapefruit essential oil, sweet orange essential oil, bergamot essential oil, pomegranate seed extract.

My favourite out of the three is the Onyx Face Mask as the scent is just divine and you all know how much I love a detoxing face mask! I’d also buy the toner again and I’d love to buy a full sized serum to see how well it works in the long term. 

Persie is a fan too! 

Have you tried anything from Precious Skin Elixirs?


*indicates PR sample

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  1. Onyx mask sounds really great, and I tend to love all the powder textured products (make me feel that so well desired home spa while mixing it into the paste!). Actually, the ingredients of every products you've reviews sound just right, definitely going to check these out!

    Oly | TLV Birdie Blog

    Posted 1.21.15
  2. Persie stole the show, that picture made me smile 🙂

    Posted 1.21.15
  3. These all sound great! I love the last picture… so cuuute! 🙂

    Rach xx


    Posted 1.21.15
  4. The ingredients are awesome aren't they? Onyx is my fave, I agree it makes you feel like you're having a proper spa facial!

    Posted 1.21.15
  5. Haha yes but the little devil probably would have eaten it all if I'd have left them with him! 😉

    Posted 1.21.15
  6. He is a little munchkin! He was trying to ruin my photos but he's just too cute haha 😉

    Posted 1.21.15
  7. These sound wonderful – especially the face mask, as I love anything chocolate-based! xxx

    Posted 1.21.15
  8. Sounds all very nice! I remember the post on Ru 's blog…and I was already tempted!

    Posted 1.22.15
  9. All three sounds great, but a face mask that smells like chocolate sounds even better 😀 Love the names too x

    Posted 1.22.15
  10. Chocolate face mask!!!!! MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm! also love the fact it has activated charcoal in 🙂 x

    Posted 1.22.15
  11. I've been eyeing this brand ever since Ru from Short, Small, & Sweet reviewed them! I am an advocate of supporting dedicated Etsy brands like this one and the Onyx mask sounds wonderful for my acneic skin.

    Posted 1.23.15
  12. Loving the onyx mask, and the brightening serum looks tempting! Have you tried Akamuti's chocolate marshamallow face mask? I think you'd like it too 🙂 xx

    Posted 1.23.15
  13. Been wanting to try this brand! And Persie seems totally smitten with mask, he's all over it! All 3 products sound lovely, can't wait to try them out. When I'm gainfully employed haha! Xx

    Posted 1.23.15
  14. look at the beautiful baby behind 🙂 xx

    Posted 1.25.15