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I was recently contacted by natural skincare company, Roseacre Soaps, who use pure goat’s milk in their products that are specially designed for sensitive skins or those with skin conditions. 

I’ve always been careful with the products I use since I got eczema last year and have had great results with goat’s milk products before, so when John got in touch with me about their products I was excited to try them.

“All Roseacre Soaps products are made to the same basic formulation and only essential oils are added to provide a fragrance for those of you who prefer scents. Each of our products contain only natural ingredients and no harsh chemicals that can damage your skin. The high percentage of goat’s milk in all our time cured and handmade products helps moisturise your skin whilst providing many anti-ageing properties. They are ideal for those of you with sensitive skin conditions, dry skin and even the more problematic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne.”

The first product I tried was their Goats Milk Shower Cream* in the Lemon scent, which is also available in Lavender, Tea Tree and Fragrance Free so if you’re sensitive to essential oils, there’s an option for you. The ingredients list is so simple; 30% fresh goats milk, olive oil, sunflower oil, castor oil, natural essential oils and potassium sorbate (preservative). You can’t get much simpler than that! As it is a cream, it doesn’t lather up as much as washes but we all know that bubbles don’t mean clean! This is very lightly scented with lemon essential oils and feels really soothing on the skin. It cleans really nicely and moisturises my skin at the same time. I prefer to use my hands to massage this into my skin so I thoroughly cleanse & moisturise at the same time. I can imagine this would be so soothing on someone with eczema or really dry skin.

The next product is the Goats Milk Liquid Soap* which is a similar consistency to the shower cream but slightly thinner and it lathers up a little more. I like to use this for washing my hands as it does an excellent job of cleansing, without leaving my skin feeling dry or tight in the slightest. If you suffer from eczema on your hands, I would definitely recommend swapping your usual hand wash (that more than likely has irritating SLS in it) for something like this.

Roseacre Soaps also make soap bars in a variety of scents and I’ve been using the Tea Tree Soap* which also has a very simple ingredients list. The tea tree in this soap as well as the nourishing goats milk means I’m able to use this on my face without stripping my skin of its natural oils. 

Have you tried Roseacre Soaps before?


*indicates PR samples

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  1. Thanks for the heads up on this one, duly noted for when my readers ask for recommendation, nice to see an unscented option available but no good for me because of the goat milk

    Posted 1.19.15
  2. Nice review Amber, I've used Roseacre's foot creams with great success but never tried any of their other products. The soaps sound lovely x

    Posted 1.19.15
  3. Another brand to add to the to-try list! I've only recently discovered the use of goat's milk in products aimed at sensitive skin and it's definitely something I'd like to try. xxx

    Posted 1.19.15