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I was recently sent a parcel from Creative Nature with a couple of products in to create some healthy recipes. After a disastrous, failed attempt at some Hemp Protein brownies, I decided to share 5 Ways to use Creative Nature Raw Cacao Powder, both beauty and eating whilst I figure out a way to use Hemp Protein in a nice recipe.

Raw cacao is rich in magnesium which helps the heart to pump blood efficiently to the brain, heart and organs, protecting the body from heart disease. It’s also lowers blood pressure and glucose levels. Cacao is a rich source of sulphur which develops healthy skin, hair & nails and has one of the highest levels of antioxidants, beating green tea! It is also a natural aphrodisiac and antidepressant. 

The powder is certified Organic by the Soil Association and comes from Peruvian Criollo beans which are widely considered to be the best variety.

DIY Dry Shampoo – I found this simple 2 ingredient recipe on Annabel’s blog, Fragmented Splendour, and you literally just need raw cacao powder and arrowroot/cornflour. This works great because it’s all natural, isn’t filled with alcohol and other crappy ingredients like Batiste and it’s tinted so perfect for brown hair. Two parts raw cacao, one part arrowroot/cornflour.

Hot Chocolate – I am quite addicted to Starbucks (Skinny Signature Hot Chocolate with Caramel is my go-to drink!) however I know how bad they are for me so whilst I’m at home I like to make my own healthier hot chocolate. All I do is warm some milk up in the microwave and add in 2-3 teaspoons of raw cacao powder, ta da!

Smoothies – Adding raw cacao powder to smoothies makes them a really nice treat, that’s still good for you. I love mixing bananas, dates and raw cacao with a little bit of ice & milk and you get a tasty chocolatey smoothie. 1 banana, 3 dates, ice, milk and raw cacao powder to taste!

Porridge – I do like my porridge but sometimes it gets a little boring so I like to add in about half a teaspoon of raw cacao powder to make a yummy chocolate porridge. I don’t have a picture as it doesn’t particularly look very appetizing and reminds me of when I was a kid and ate Chocolate Ready Brek…but this is so much healthier!

Face Masks – You can mix raw cacao powder with water, other clay’s and honey to make a softening and deliciously scented face mask. I like to mix raw cacao and bentonite clay with water and mix in a spoonful of honey for a detoxifying, moisturising, softening mask!

What ways do you like to use Raw Cacao Powder?

You can buy it online from Creative Nature and I’ve got an exclusive 15% discount code for you all – simply add “AMBER15” into the checkout!

You can also buy it from Ocado and Tesco so if you’re doing your weekly shop, take a browse & add some to your basket!


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  1. Sooo buying this 🙂 I have the nibs, but they aren't as great to work with when I want a chocolate smoothie or a smoother finish to a dessert. Out of interest, where do you get your bentonite clay from ? I want to start making my own toothpaste, the stuff you can swallow to detox? xxxx

    Posted 2.20.15
  2. OMG Amber yes you need to stop Starbuck 😉 But this a beautiful product choice, better taste (i'm really sure) and better for your health! But i understand, eating good need a little preparation and we all have a busy lifestyle 🙂 xx

    Posted 2.21.15
  3. That's quite a great price, I've been looking into cacao to add to smoothies …particularly protein smoothies I'm currently using nutella for a chocolatey taste which kind of takes all the goodness out I guess haha! Cacao is so expensive in some supermarkets! But £4.49 doesn't seem all that bad may take advantage of your voucher code 😉 xx


    Posted 2.21.15
  4. Ooh, thanks for sharing! Will definitely pick some up soon. 🙂 xxx

    Posted 2.21.15
  5. I love cacao hot chocolate! I mix it with raw honey and coconut oil: it tastes like chocolate icing. Great post. xx

    Posted 2.22.15