Blog Collab: My 5 Favourite Posts from Liz (Smells like a Green Spirit)

Yay I have a blog collab today with the lovely Liz from Smells Like A Green Spirit! We thought it’d be a great idea to share our top 5 favourite posts from each other’s blogs and it’s been so much fun reading back through Liz’s posts! I already had a few that I knew had to be included but I’ve really enjoyed discovering new posts that I hadn’t read before and narrowing it down to just 5 was so hard. If you don’t know Liz or her blog, go & check her out now! She is the Queen of Lipstick and such a lovely, friendly girl!

Without further ado…my 5 favourite posts…

Gressa Skin Minimalist Make-up Look & Review
As I am swooning over the Gressa Skin Foundation Serum, I obviously wanted it even more after reading Liz’s post! Liz looks beautiful with the foundation on & a few other products from Gressa that are now on my wish list! 

Field Trip Tour + London Recap
Of course I couldn’t not include this! Liz and I met in London back in July 2014 as part of the Field Trip Tour hosted by Mayah & Sabrina of Call it Vanity! We only spent a little bit of time together on the day as we were in separate groups but we had a hug & a little chat and reading back on Liz’s post made me want to do it all over again even more! I hope you’ll come again this year Liz…? πŸ˜‰

The Masquerade Ball: Facial Masks Round-Up
Don’t you just love Liz’s whitty post names hah?! As a lover of face masks (I probably have about 10 sitting on my bathroom shelves…) this post is not good for my bank balance! May Lindstrom’s Problem Solver is firmly on my wishlist…

Make the (Green) Switch! 
Liz is making it easier for you to ditch your nasties for better, green dupes in her Make the Green Switch posts. This make-up one was great for me as I used to be a huge fan of MAC, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay etc before going green and the alternatives featured here are awesome! How gorgeous is the La Bella Figura blush!?

What Going Green Taught Me
Last but certainly not least, this was a lovely post to read. Going “green” certainly has it’s ups and downs but it’s lovely to read how everybody else gets on. Liz reflects back on her time spent transitioning to a greener beauty routine and it’s actually a really good post to read if you’re thinking about going green too! 

So there you have it, my five favourite posts from Liz’s blog. I could have chosen so many more though! What are your favourites from Liz’s blog? Check out which of my posts are her favourites here.


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  1. Oh Amber, you're the sweetest! I had a blast doing this collab with you, and yes narrowing it down to 5 was tough! I love how we both picked the Field Trip Tour, and hopefully we'll meet again soon πŸ™‚ xxx
    ps. I guess my lipstick addiction is not a secret anymore lol πŸ˜‰

    Posted 2.5.15
  2. Aww Liz! This was so much fun! Haha yes obviously you need to come back to the UK & stay for longer this time πŸ™‚ definitely not a secret haha xx

    Posted 2.5.15
  3. I always enjoy both of got blogs! You come up with consistent, helpful, and fun posts. I'm also eyeing the Gressa Skin Minimalist Serum Foundation and enjoyed The Masquerade Ball: Facial Masks Round-Up post.

    Posted 2.5.15
  4. Great blog post, I will have to spend more time over on Liz's blog, I need a recap of these posts πŸ˜€

    Posted 2.6.15
  5. Great blog post Amber, this a good article idea! Love it! Liz is a magnificent blogger & women. Love her! xx

    Posted 2.7.15
  6. I enjoyed both your post, such a nice idea! πŸ™‚ xx

    Posted 2.7.15