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Thank you to Amber for asking me to guest post, let’s hope she is enjoying her time in the sun (not jealous one bit, nope, not at all!). I predominantly write about all things wellness (www.wellmeaningbeing.com), which has actually lead to me be able to write about anything I want.

Because really, your wellness is what you make it. It’s your health, your body, your mind. Being kind to yourself and making sure that you are okay inevitably benefits those around you. A happy you makes a happy them.

Making time for your self and your needs will allow you to conquer anything that comes your way. Think of self care as constant maintenance. It can be any kind of routine that makes you glow from within. Actions and routines that make your heart sing and make you feel at home with your self. Comfortable in your own skin.

It may be looking at your skin care routine and adding something that is lacking. Or, how about stripping it back to basics and making sure that you complete your routine everyday.

Turn off your phone before bed and read something that inspires you. Make time to wind down from your day.

Find an activity that keeps you interested. It is okay if you don’t find something right away keep searching.

Keep a journal. Whether it be paragraph upon paragraph or just a quick note about your day. Putting pen to paper can be very cathartic.

Make a ritual about bath time. Use the good stuff. Slap on the sweet smelling lotions and revile in the feeling of being refreshed and renewed.

Find some delicious teas, that make you stop and take time to yourself and enjoy. I love trying out different flavours of Pukka and Yogi teas.

Turn the lights down and light an aromatic candle. Filling your space with calming, cleansing scents can help you set the tone for the rest of your evening.

I know that there is a lot being said at the moment about being mindful and intention. Sometimes the hype can lose focus on the actual meaning. If you stay present in any action, especially when you are taking care of yourself, that mindful self care will bring you home, back to yourself. When you are brushing your hair, applying your make up, lighting a candle or picking out your outfit. Do it with intention.

Living your life with intention will very slowly, almost un-noticeably, be the absolute kindest thing you do for self.

Good Luck & Live Well

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Hey! I'm Amber, a new mum and natural skincare lover, blogging about natural beauty, baby & lifestyle.

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  1. Thank you for having me! It's great to talk about wellness in a different way, on another blog. And being that the blog is yours and one of my faves is the cherry on top!

    Posted 2.13.15
  2. Great post Liz, I agree wellness means different things to different people, taking some time for myself at the end of a long day helps me keep my sanity! Xx

    Posted 2.15.15