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A few months ago, I was at home checking my emails on my phone, and was in shock to find a PR email asking if I’d like to have a complimentary £1,000 facial using diamonds and pearls at Trésor Rare. I almost choked on my tea. £1,000! ONE THOUSAND POUNDS. Of course, I checked the ingredients before agreeing as I always do and although most of the ingredients are natural, there were a few ingredients that I tend to avoid so rather than give up the opportunity, I asked if my Mum could have the facial instead & they said yes! Trésor Rare have stores all around the world and are renowned for their diamond facial which uses pearl and diamond power.

Tresor Rare £1000 Diamond Facial Review

So Mum & I got on the train to London and had a little shop around before heading to our 11:30am appointment in Mayfair. When we found the salon, situated on South Molton Street, it looked quite chic and very Louis Vuitton-esque with the decor and brown trunks decorated with their logo and outside were a couple of the staff handing out samples. When the beautician, Chelsea, arrived we were taken downstairs into the treatment room – I went in with Mum to see how the whole experience was too! Chelsea talked us through some of the products she was going to be using and then proceeded to use this pretty cool little device (similar to a No7 Colour Matcher) to check up on the condition of Mum’s skin in different areas such as wrinkles, hydration, pores etc. We both thought this was a pretty cool idea and it showed that Mum needs to drink more water – very important!

Tresor Rare £1000 Diamond Facial Review

 Then Chelsea proceeded with the facial, starting off with a mousse style cleanser, rinsing off with a sponge to rid of any makeup and then again to cleanse (my Mum wasn’t wearing any but it’s always good to do a double cleanse!) Mum said this felt really nice and her skin felt clean afterwards. Chelsea then started to use the steamer which is great for warming the skin, ready for the mask and the rest of the facial. We had a little laugh and joke as Mum said the steamer sounded and looked like a wall paper stripper haha! Mum really enjoyed this though as it wasn’t something she’d experienced before. After the steaming, Chelsea put on a face mask which was super super thick and it warmed upon contact with her skin which she said felt really nice and relaxing. 

Tresor Rare £1000 Diamond Facial Review

After the mask, Chelsea finished off by massaging the moisturiser into Mum’s skin and Mum noted that Chelsea was very thorough with the massage and a lot better than other beauticians she’s seen before. Mum said you could tell that Chelsea was really getting around everywhere on her face and she didn’t miss a single patch! Mum really enjoyed the facial and her skin was really glowing afterwards. 

There were just a few things that we noticed weren’t quite up to the standard we would expect with such a expensive facial, if we were a paying customer. Where Mum was laying, looking up to the ceiling there was a nail hanging out of the light and a hole next to the light fitting which is what Mum was looking up at throughout the whole facial so it would be better if they fixed that. Also, the gadget Chelsea used on Mum’s face hadn’t been charged overnight and the wire was hanging down by Mum’s feet so it was being quite slow.  

Whilst Mum was having the facial, I read through the price list but it didn’t seem to make sense as the products Chelsea used were in the £150 facial and then some were in the £1,000 facial so I’m not sure if anyone would actually go for the £1,000 facial (actually two facials at £500 each) as the products used are very similar to the cheaper options. Overall, Mum really enjoyed her facial and it did leave her skin feeling nice and glowy but based on the overall experience, it didn’t feel like it was entirely worth the price tag. I think if you charge that much for a facial, the whole experience has to be worth the money. If you have the money to spend, definitely visit as Chelsea was lovely, the products were nice and the facial was nice too however it wouldn’t be something Mum would be willing to pay that much for. We did feed this back to the store and they were really grateful to know where they could improve which was nice to hear!

Thank you to Chelsea and the team at Trésor Rare for the facial!

Would you ever pay £150 – £1,000 for a facial?


*My Mum was very kindly given a complimentary facial however all opinions are her own, my own and 100% honest. 

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  1. Hi Amber,

    I've been waiting for your post on this for a little while – £1000 for a facial sounds crazy! It's great that you checked the ingredients and the way the consultation process beforehand worked. I'd happily splash out on a spa day or facial but I doubt I could part with £150 to do so, let alone £1000. Hope your mum enjoyed it overall!

    Besma (Curiously Conscious)

    Posted 4.26.15
  2. WOW! I can't even imagine £1000! I love your honesty in this post Amber, great review. xo

    Posted 4.27.15
  3. I think paying £1000 for a facial is just mad, I totally get you why you almost chocked on your tea, I'd too! 😀 Thanks for your honest review 🙂 xx

    Posted 4.27.15
  4. Wow £1000 seems like a crazy amount to spend on a facial, especially when you can go away on holiday for that amount. Shame you wasn't wowed by it either! xx

    Kate | A British Sparkle

    Posted 4.27.15
  5. Wow £1000 for a facial.

    Posted 4.27.15
  6. wozers…. thats a lot of money isn't it haha. How lucky your mum got to have that experience for free, but like you said you'd be a bit annoyed having paid that when the decor and environment isn't quite up to scratch! <3 Pearl & Peach

    Posted 4.28.15
  7. Yep, £1000 is crazy money for a facial, I'd probably be expecting miracles for £150, let alone £1000! Serious brownie points for you with your mum though! 🙂

    Posted 4.29.15