April Favourites

April has been a busy month…I moved out with my boyfriend! If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram you may have seen some of my home decor posts and pics and we’re all settled in now! We got our final piece of furniture on Thursday – our dining room table – no more eating dinner at the coffee table! I also made a trip to London to the Natural Organic Products Expo with Sarah & Ailish so although I’ve been pretty busy, I still made time for some favourites!

Up first is a dress from People Tree. I was very kindly sent it a while ago as I have a little surprise coming up in the next week or so but I’ve been wearing this dress so much in April! It has a gorgeous print and and is made with 100% organic cotton and it is Fair Trade. I like it so much because I can dress it up or down. I wore it to the Natural & Organic Show in London with a black leather jacket and some dolly shoes and it was so comfy all day. See photo below with my lovely dog Persie!

I was sent this gorgeous necklace by a brand called Lily Charmed and Lucy even personalised the box tag for me with my name & “a little bit obsessed with bees” on it! I absolutely love this necklace I’ve been wearing it everyday since I got it, it’s just the cutest thing ever! Full review will be up tomorrow!

Another favourite of mine was receiving an amazing parcel all the way from America from my lovely blogging friend Yeiza who writes Bohochic Meets Organic. She very kindly offered to send me a Kari Gran Lip Whip and she then included loads more in the parcel along with a Birchbox I had lusted after filled with natural beauty products. Thank you so much Yeiza! 

A product I have just finished this week is the Pai Zinc & Copaiba Serum that I bought on Black Friday last year. I didn’t use it that much at the beginning then I thought I better start using it every day to see if I can see a difference so for the last 2-3 months I’ve been using it everyday and I saw a huge difference in my hormonal spots. I am really impressed by the serum but it is pretty pricey so I’m going to try to get through as much of my stash as I can before buying another but I think it’ll be a definite repurchase…especially if my hormonal spots come back with a vengeance! 

Last but not least is a book I’ve really been enjoying by Adina Grigore (owner of S.W Basics) called Skin Cleanse. I saw some US bloggers writing about this and pre-ordered it on Amazon so I got it on the release date. It took me a few weeks to start reading it as it arrived just before the house move and I’ve not finished it yet but it’s like chatting to a friend about my skin! I love the way Adina writes and she definitely knows her stuff. If you’re struggling with any skin conditions, I’d definitely give this a read!

What are your favourites this month?


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  1. Always a little scary when you spot your face on another blog lol x April was a good month

    Posted 5.3.15
  2. Love these beauty posts its very honest! I really want to try some of the products you used. Thanks for the review :)xx

    benefits of maca

    Posted 5.3.15
  3. That necklace is so cute! April looks like it was an exciting month πŸ™‚ Hope May is just as good for you xx

    Posted 5.3.15
  4. I hope to try Kari Gran and their lovely-sounding Lip Whips as well as the Pai Zinc & Copaiba Serum.

    Posted 5.3.15
  5. All those things look lovely! I love People Tree and that necklace is absolutely adorable. πŸ™‚

    Posted 5.3.15
  6. ooh, that necklace is adorable!! I love it! Sounds like you have had such an exciting month… Lovely post. X

    Posted 5.3.15