Guest Post: The long road to flawless skin & my top tips for you to glow inside and out

Today my lovelies, I have a guest post from the amazing & wonderful Ailish who writes over at The Glow Getter. Enjoy!
In my 20’s I had oily, acne prone, troublesome skin. Not only that, but it was sensitive. Super sensitive. I tried EVERYTHING to get rid of it and move towards those models in the magazines whose skin was flawless, didn’t have a blemish in sight and were oh-so-beautiful. There were tears before bedtime, microdermabrasion visits to take off the top layers of my skin (I was 25, who even allowed this?!) and sebum stripping products, that left my skin parched, itchy and red. Needless to say, I did not glow in the slightest.
And then I stumbled upon ‘green beauty’ (Cue Aladdin and ‘A whole new world’ theme tune). Out of sheer desperation I ordered a heap of products from Pai Skincare after it had just launched and kept the faith that these products would help. Two weeks later I was impressed. My skin didn’t feel like the sahara desert after washing it, my eyes didn’t stream after applying the moisturiser and my skin had very slowly started to improve. Around this time I started to look more holistically at what was also going into my body as well, as being in my twenties, meant, well, partying like I was in my twenties. I started looking into juicing and smoothies to make at home, started cooking healthier meals (no more Nutella and crumpets for me for dinner!) and drinking a gallon of water (listen to your mum the first time round she tells you this. Your skin will thank you for it in your 30’s). By the time the first batch of products had finished, my skin looked better than it had done in years. I was a convert.
Fast forward to hitting my 30’s and my skin changed again.  I thought I had mastered the art of skincare and healthy living. I was lured into a false sense of security. This time, my skin dried up. It was limp, sensitive again, and flaky. I was shedding more skin than a snake and didn’t know what to do. No amount of exfoliating was helping and I was desperate. So again, I turned to natural beauty products and started testing. And sure enough, 3 months down the line, my skin was restored to its glowing self. So I wanted to give you some top tips that I learnt along the way to help your skin glow from the inside out.
 Top tips
 1). Drink a shed load of water & eat your greens – I realise I sound like your mother right now but starting with glowing from the inside; if you eat trash, you’ll look like trash. Promise me. Most of us don’t know how good our bodies are meant to feel. That’s not to say I’m there yet, but I’m a darn sight closer than what I was and I feel better for it. So listen to the advice from an older bird. You can thank me when you’re 35 and look 25.
 2). Meditate – This might be a little ‘out there’ for some of you so let me break it down. Take note of how you’re breathing right now. Is it short and sharp or are you taking deep, long soothing breaths? Yep. Thought so. Most of us don’t know how to breathe properly because we’re so stressed and consumed with life. Take some time out to focus on your breathing and chill. Here is a little article I wrote zonks ago to help you breathe properly.Once you’ve mastered that, check out Gabby Bernstein for some chilled mediations that last 5 minutes. Tell me you’re too busy to meditate for 5 minutes and I’ll tell you to do it for 10. That’s how important it is.
 3). Products – And finally for glowing from the outside. Look at the products you’re using. Check out more blogs like this one to educate yourself on ingredients. Because why put all that effort in to glowing from the inside when you’re putting crap on your body from the outside? Look at brands such as Pai, Trilogy, Bodhi & Birch and Sukin for skincare, then move onto your makeup. RMS, Inika, Ilia and Lily Lolo are all amazing brands that give any non-natural brand a run for their money. You deserve the best. Why put products on your face that give you less?  
So my journey to amazing skin continues. I hope these tips help you on your quest to being a glow getter. I know mine have. A final note, you are the fairest of them all, so treat yourself like it. Go glow.
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I hope you’ve enjoyed this amazing post from Ailish, definitely go & check out her blog, she is truly amazing & a pleasure to know! Let me know what you think of Ailish’s post in the comments below…

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