Lusting After…

I’ve been trying to cut back on purchases because I really do have a lot, and I’m afraid the bank probably wouldn’t give me a mortgage if I bought all the green beauty I wanted all the time….

RMS Beauty Skin2Skin Foundation Brush
Rose Marie Swift has released two brushes and I am desperate to try the foundation one…a girl can never have too many makeup brushes. Right? I have been loving using RMS Un Cover Up as a foundation and this brush has been made with a special swirl pattern with bristles of different lengths allowing the brush to reach all the curves of your face and blend foundation perfectly.

De Mamiel Brightening Cleanser & Exfoliator
The lovely Tamara sent me a sample of this and I’ve really been enjoying using it. It has a lovely soothing, almost milky scent and exfoliates very gently. Plus De Mamiel have recently have had a re-design which I saw at Content a few week’s back and it looks great with the blue! 

Intelligent Nutrients Hair Shine Spray
On a recent trip to Content, I was browsing the hair section and the IN brand caught my eye. I’ve tried their shampoo & conditioner before and loved the scent but unfortunately didn’t get on that well with them so I never really took a look at their other products. But the packaging is so pretty and it immediately got my attention. I always lust for shiny hair so what better than a Hair Shine Spray?!

Bathing Beauty Vegan Make-Up Brushes
When I met George, the owner of BB at the Natural & Organic Products Show back in April she was there showcasing her new makeup brushes that are a collaboration with MUA Caroline James. They weren’t on sale then but they are now! I am visiting LNLO at the weekend and I am very tempted…

What are you lusting after at the minute?


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