Organic September Day 15: Organic Beauty Week Campaign for Clarity

Organic Beauty Week has arrived again! (Okay, I’m a day late sorry!) This year, the Soil Association has launched their Campaign for Clarity which is all about showing the beauty industry that we want clarity when it comes to our beauty products – no more greenwashing!

“By choosing organic we can all support a kinder, greener and better beauty industry – from more bees and hedgerows to better worker welfare, and shorter more trustworthy supply chains.”

I recently wrote a post all about Greenwashing, along with another one for Organic September on the difference between Natural & Organic where I mentioned the Soil Association and other organic certification bodies. The Soil Association are the UK’s biggest certifiers of organic beauty products, so they launched their Campaign for Clarity to ask mainstream brands to prove they have nothing to hide! 

There are currently no rules or regulations in place to stop a brand from using the words natural or organic in a product that contains little or not organic ingredients. When a brand does this, they are completely misleading the customer as they would think they’re getting an organic product, when in fact it has little organic ingredients, and probably a whole bunch of other harsh ingredients that aren’t kind to skin at all. 

Buying from a brand who has been certified by an accredited organisation (i.e Soil Association), is the only way to ensure your beauty products are truly organic. Over the next week I’ll be sharing my favourite organic products, with reviews, product features and even some of my holy grails!

Get involved on social media using the hashtag #Campaign4Clarity. Let me know what your favourite organic products are in the comments below…

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