Organic September Day 2: Why Should I go Organic?

There are plenty of reasons why you should buy organic foods, clothes and beauty products so I thought I’d share a few to help you get into the organic spirit!

1. Using organic beauty products reduces the amount of harsh ingredients and chemicals you put onto your skin. Soil Association certified organic products (as well as non-certified) are full of wonderful natural ingredients that you skin will love.

2. Eating organic foods reduces the amount of pesticides your body is exposed to. Non-organic farmers use hundreds of pesticides on foods that we ingest on a daily basis, so eating organic will reduce this hugely. I’ll just leave this photo here…

3. Animal welfare is much better on organic farms. They are free to roam around instead of being locked in cages or tight spaces and animals aren’t given antibiotics as much as standard livestock farms.

4. Wildlife on organic farms is much higher than standard farms. In fact, insect, plant and bird life is 50% more abundant on organic farms and there are 30% more species. Think of all those bees…

5. You know exactly what you’re eating, drinking and putting onto your skin. Thanks to the Soil Association certification, everything has an ingredients list so you know exactly what’s in your foods and your beauty products. 

6. Buying organic cotton or textiles hugely reduces the amount of polluted water that goes back into our ecosystems. Standard clothes are dyed and go through processes and treatments before they get to the clothes rack in your high street shops, so buying organic cotton clothes means it’s better for the environment and the people creating the clothes too. 


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