Organic September Day 21: Organic Beauty Week; Does Certification Matter to You?

Today’s post is a little different to my usual posts because I am looking to get some feedback from any of my readers, blogger or not, however the feedback is not for me, it’s for brands…

Since writing a post every day for Organic September and the start of the Campaign for Clarity, I’ve had a few brands contact me asking whether or not they should be getting Soil Association certified. This can be a bit expensive for smaller brands (along with repackaging costs), however a lot of them are wondering whether getting the stamp would mean it’s more likely a customer will buy from them, whether it would stop them having to justify their ingredients all the time, or if it is a waste of money simply having a stamp on a product, when they already have SA certified ingredients anyway. I thought I would put this post out there to ask you lovely lot for some feedback so that these brands can come and read through it and see what everybody thinks..

Do you only buy from certified organic brands?

Would it put you off buying from a brand if they weren’t certified?

Do you believe when a brand says it contains organic ingredients or would there be doubts if the product hasn’t been certified?

Would you be willing to pay more because a product is certified, if it uses certified ingredients anyway?

Leave me as much feedback as you like in the comments below so we can help out these lovely brands! 

Thank you!


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