Organic September Day 26: Spa at Home

You don’t have to go out to a fancy spa to pamper yourself, there are loads of organic products out there so you can treat yourself to a lovely spa/pamper evening at home.

To start off, make yourself a yummy cup of organic herbal tea and run yourself a bath (if you’re a bath person that is!) Whilst standing in the bath, you can use Botanicals Lemongrass & Ginger Body Scrub to slough away dry skin and let the scrub fall into the bath so the water is beautifully scented. The water from the bath will warm your skin, preparing it for your skincare treats. If you’re not a bath person (like me), pop in the shower and use the scrub on your whole body. When I fancy treating myself, I’ll use a Bodhi & Birch Shower Therapy as they smell heavenly and are such a treat for your skin. My favourite scents are the Chamomile Sky and Ylang Ylang Incensa. 

After treating your body to some pampering, I’d move onto cleansing my face with a lovely oil cleanser like the One Love Organics Vitamin B Cleansing Oil, followed by a face mask such as the Inlight Organic Superfood Face Mask. You could also create your own DIY Floral Facial Steam for your face using organic herbs before the mask to thoroughly warm and treat the skin before leaving a proper mask on for 30 minutes or so.

Whilst the mask is doing it’s thing, treat your skin to a body oil. My favourites are the Bodhi & Birch Flora Paradiso, Nathalie Bond Organics or the Bloom Remedies oils. 

Take off your mask and treat your skin to a lovely toner like Bodhi & Birch Rosa Rosa or Indie Lee CoQ10, followed by a nourishing facial oil such as Bodhi & Birch Neroli Luce (my favourite!), Terre Verdi Balancing Serum (review coming soon) or Indie Lee Squalane Oil

I love using Josh Rosebrook’s Oculus Formula around my eyes to help treat dark circles and keep skin moisturised. 

Finish off by giving yourself a mani/pedi. A few natural nail polish brands that I like include Zoya, Kure Bazaar (85% natural) and Intensae. Don’t forget to treat the skin around your nails and cuticles as well with the Fresh Therapies Nail Elixir…it’s lovely! 

Finally, lip balm to keep your lips moisturised. I am liking the Mia & Dom Spearmint & Lavender one at the minute, it smells amazing! 

After all this pampering, you’ll definitely be feeling relaxed and sleepy, but if your mind is still not quite relaxed, use the Lotus Wei Quiet Mind mist on your pillow when it’s time to go to bed. 

What are your favourite pamper treats? Let me know in the comments!


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