Organic September Day 3: Small Changes

You don’t have to go completely organic for September…that would be pretty unreasonable. However there are a few easy ways you can make some small changes for Organic September.The next time you do your weekly shop, consider changing your normal products for these organic alternatives..

1. Tea. Normal teabags are usually bleached and the tea leaves aren’t always washed before bagging which means you’re steeping pesticides and bleach in boiling hot water every time you have a cuppa. I swapped my Tetley teabags for Clippers Organic English Breakfast!

2. Milk. One of the easiest things to swap. I went into ASDA the other day and saw that a 4 pint bottle was only 89p. Most people would think that was great however I can only think of the poor farmers who are getting pretty much no money for all their hard work. Support the farmers and buy organic milk.

3. Fruit and vegetables. You can simply swap one or two products a week for the organic variety – Aldi have quite a few organic fruit & veggies that aren’t even much more expensive or you can buy yourself an organic Fruit/Veg box. One thing I’ll be swapping for organic this month is strawberries as they are one of the fruits that have the highest amount of pesticides otherwise…

4. Beauty product. Swap just one beauty product this month for an organic one. Choose something that you use either daily, or that covers the biggest surface area of your skin like a cleanser, shampoo or a body lotion.

5. Clothes. Instead of going down to your high street and buying loads of cheap clothes you probably don’t need, consider buying a new pair of organic jeans or an organic t-shirt from a company who are Fairtrade and support those who make their clothes. 


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