Organic September Day 30: I did it!

Yay, I can’t believe I’ve posted every single day in September! This month has flown by! Here is a recap of all my Organic September posts – I hope you all enjoyed them! Some are better than others, and a few were quite last minute so I apologise for that, but silly me decided to do a post a day on the 1st September so I didn’t leave myself much time to prep! Next year I will be more organised I promise…

Day 1: What to Expect
Day 2: Why Should I go Organic?
Day 3: Small Changes
Day 4: Offers & Promotions
Day 5: Tabitha James Kraan Hair Cleanser & Conditioner
Day 6: Naturisimo Discovery Box; Haircare Heroes
Day 7: Green Beauty Newbie: Natural vs Organic

Day 8: Organic Textiles
Day 9: Save the Bees
Day 10: People Tree Zandra Rhodes Event
Day 11: Organic Getaways
Day 12: Organic Beauty Wishlist
Day 13: Organic Chocolate
Day 14: Gorgeously Green Gathering
Day 15: Organic Beauty Week Campaign for Clarity
Day 16: Organic Beauty Week Hangout
Day 17: Skin & Tonic
Day 18: Organic Beauty on a Budget
Day 19: Pai Skincare
Day 20: Inlight Superfood Face Mask
Day 21: Does Certification Matter to You?
Day 22: Where to Buy Organic Beauty Products
Day 23: Little Miracles Organic Drinks
Day 24: Blog Loving
Day 25: My Organic Switches
Day 26: Organic Spa at Home
Day 27: H&M Conscious Clothing
Day 28: Raw Halo Organic Chocolate
Day 29: People Tree A/W Picks

I hope you all enjoyed my organic posts! Thank you so much to anyone who has read them or left a comment, it really means a lot to me. Don’t forget to follow me on BlogLovin to keep up to date with my latest posts.


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