A few days away…

After Ella arrived home from her 3 month trip to America, I was in serious need of a few days off work! Running the shop on my own for 4 days a week, with help on just a couple of days was quite stressful, although it did go a lot quicker than I thought it would! So Paul and I booked a hotel in Warwickshire a few weekends ago and spent some relaxing time together.

On the way to Wroxall Abbey Hotel, we stopped in Warwick town centre for a wonder around. It was such a lovely day and we actually saw the Japanese rugby team as Warwick are hosting them for the Rugby World Cup! We went into a quaint garden at the bottom of a cute old fashioned, cobble stone street which had a lovely lake and beautiful flowers…and obviously bees! The view of Warwick Castle was lovely from the garden, which has been featured on ITV & BBC.

After a little wonder around, we stopped by a lovely tea room for some cake & tea. The chocolate fudge cake was delicious…although a bit sickly, even for me, so Paul ended up eating the rest of mine too…(insert pig emoji)

After tea & cake, we headed to the hotel in Wroxall. It was a very old fashioned mansion estate, a little creepy at first but the grounds were beautiful. We went out for dinner one night and went shopping in Solihull the next day but we just relaxed most of the time. Sitting outside on the patio was so peaceful as we were one of few who were staying at the hotel.

Bit of a different post from me today but I like to share more personal things every now & then!


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