Minvita #OneGoodThing Challenge

Minvita challenged me to add one good thing into my lifestyle for 14 to 30 days as part of their #OneGoodThing challenge. I was really excited when I was approached about this challenge as I’ve been feeling very unmotivated health-wise recently.
Since my sister was away all Summer, I didn’t really have the energy after work to drag myself to the gym (we run a shop together), not to mention she’s my gym buddy so I didn’t really have anyone to motivate me! To kick off the challenge Minvita kindly sent me a bunch of goodies from their range. I wanted to do some form of exercise every single day, to get back into the routine and help me tone up. I started off really well, and went to the gym a few days in a row, but then I got a cold so resting was the best option for me. I then got back into it with some light yoga and then back to the gym again!

I actually misunderstood this challenge a bit…oops! You are supposed to incorporate one good new thing, every day for 14 days. However I did incorporate more than just exercise in order to help me feel better and be more motivated. I loved using the superfood powders in my yoghurts and cereal. I used the Moringa powder mixed in with some strawberry porridge & granola as an evening snack when I was feeling peckish and also for breakfast. The Moringa powder is rich in Vitamin A so it’s great for your immune system. I like that the powders aren’t very strong in taste, as I am a very fussy eater so it makes them easy to mix into other foods as you can’t really tell they’re in there!

I think this challenge is great as so many people will try and restrict themselves of foods in order to try and be more healthy, however we all know as soon as you stop yourself from having something, it’s all you think about! If I was to stop myself from having chocolate, I’d end up scoffing my face in a few days! By challenging yourself to do something like eating more fruit, you’re then eliminating the need to full yourself up on something else. I really enjoyed taking part in the challenge because I felt like I had to do something…it kept me motivated!

My lovely blogging buddies Ana and Gemma also took part in the challenge. Click their names to read how they got on. I will be doing this again in the New Year I think, the proper way!

Do you like the idea of this challenge? Will you be trying it out?


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