Christmas Gifts: Bodhi & Birch

I have been a huge fan of Bodhi & Birch for a long, long time, after trying their products back at the beginning of 2014 and I’m so excited to be sharing the brand and products with you all.

Bodhi & Birch are an eco-luxe, artisan brand who create bath, body and skincare products designed to awaken your mind, indulge your senses and enlighten your skincare. From bath & shower therapies created with beautiful scents, to rose filled skincare and an incredible cult classic body scrub, there’s a product for everyone to enjoy.

This year, Bodhi & Birch have collaborated with Heartwood Candle Co on their Christmas Gift Sets to encourage customers to take a relaxing bath, whilst having a complimentary scented candle lit in the bathroom. If you’re not a fan of baths, you can light the candle in the bathroom when taking a shower, or light it afterwards whilst snuggling up on the sofa. Four of the Bath & Shower Therapies have been paired with matching or complimentary scented candles to give you the ultimate sensory indulgence. Heartwood Candles are made from 100% natural ingredients, with the base being sustainable soy wax, and the scents coming from the finest aromatherapy-grade essential oils and absolutes.

The pairs above are the Peace Set with a Camomile Sky Bath & Shower Therapy and Chamomile, Lavender & Rose Candle, and the Joy Set with Siam Ginger Bath & Shower Therapy and Sweet Orange & Cardamon Candle.

Chamomile Sky is a beautifully sweet scent, and the matching candles goes perfectly. They are both calming, de-stressing and relaxing. Siam Ginger has a bit more of a kick to it, thanks to the spicy ginger and cardamom and is the perfect duo for this time of year.

There’s also the Love Set with a Ylang Ylang Incensa Bath & Shower Therapy and a Bergamot and Geranium Candle, and the Wish Set with a Rosemary Chi Bath & Shower Therapy and a Rosemary, Lemon & Frankincense Candle. All of the sets come packaged in a beautiful sturdy gift box, so they’re all ready to give on Christmas morning.

A great way to introduce someone to Bodhi & Birch is with a Gift Set. The Assemblage Set is a luxurious gift, which from outside looks like a delectable box of chocolates, however it is so much better than that! The set contains 7 travel sized bath & shower therapies; one of each scent from the collection.

If you’re looking for something a little less expensive, but still luxurious, the Allure Gift Set is ideal. It contains three travel sized products including two therapies and a beautiful Ylang Ylang Incensa Body Moisturiser. There is also the Unwind Gift Set along with the full sized Duo Sets if you know a specific scent that someone would absolutely love. For the men, there’s the Empower Gift Set, which you’ll find in my “for the Men” guide.

Rosa Rosa Skincare Set is an ideal gift for those who are passionate about their skincare. Whilst it is aimed at normal to dry skin, I use the Cleanser & Toner without any issues on my oily/combination skin. In fact, the toner is one of my absolute favourites followed by the one and only Neroli Lucé Facial Oil. All of the products contain Rose Otto, Tunisian Neroli and Chamomile, which together help your skin to glow and look radiant.

And you can’t forget to treat yourself after all of this shopping! To deal with the little stresses of the Christmas season, Mint Thé Temple Balm will be your best friend. Based on traditional herbal remedies, this aromatic balm provides relief for tension headaches and eases muscular aches and pains. This is sure to get you through those endless hours of Christmas present wrapping and sale shopping…treat yourself!


*This post is sponsored by Bodhi & Birch and products were sent to me for the purpose of this post. This in no way reflects my opinions of the brand or the products. I only work with brands I love!

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